Considerations to consider at the time of contracting a lodging

Published 26-07-2010

Once beams your webpage in your own computer the following step is to raise it Internet to do it accessible to everybody.

For it you need to contract a service of lodging (hosting). At the time of doing you will be it that you have multiple options, extensions and prices.
I am going to try to explain the basic characteristics and the extensions to you that you could need.

Basic aspects of a service of hosting for a Web of small spread.

In the first place to say that I speak of Web of small spread as that one Web that does not have service of streaming, that does not occupy more of 500MEGABYTE, than does not have more than a data base and that the data base if there is it does not have more than 10,000 registries. Also I consider that the Web is not going to receive more than 1,000 visits to the day. Otherwise it will be necessary to also look at the advanced aspects more. At the moment we begin with the basic ones:


The name of the webpage. Almost all the services of hosting include the hiring of the domain. If they do not do it you must contract it on the other hand and connect it with host, something that to only will bring worries you.


Capacity in Mega bites or Giga bites that is going to provide to store your Web to you. If you do not know how much you need simply you click with the right button on the folder where you have kept all your Web, you see properties and looks at whichever occupied space. Sight that hosting that you contract is over which you need also thinking about future extensions and it already is.

Accounts of mail:

If you create a called Web for example is interesting and until obligatory to have as minimum an e-mail to promote the Web and that the people interested in your Web put themselves in touch with you. Important that they also offer a Webmail to you to be able to manage your e-mail.

Data base:

You have created a Web with data base? Quick attention to that the service of hosting provides at least one to you bdd.
They are going to give some tools so that you you do it everything or they go to help to you at the time of creating the post office, to solve space problems, to form the BDD, etc. to You?


A service with all these covered aspects or would not have to exceed the 100 Euros to the year (eye that many services of hosting put the monthly price or without IVA).

There are many companies in Spain that offer these services. The problem that there is with the majority of them is in the first place who do not offer a customized support, is everything automated and to contact with attention the client so that they help you is in many cases complicated, because they always derive towards some guide or forum to you where they say that well the solution to your problem is explained, and that they have systems secondly automated and do not let to you choose exactly what you need, you must choose a service of hosting of 5 or 6 that they have is over your needs and you end up contracting host with characteristics that you do not need and you are not going them to use (but you are going them to pay). Now I will sell a little NonStop-Press commenting that we studied each case and we only offer hosting and so the client needs and with a total support to administer host. More info in: hosting to size.
Some of the companies of Hosting more known in Spain are: and

Advanced aspects of a service of hosting for far-reaching Webs

Monthly traffic:

It is the amount of information that people are going to be able to see the month in your Web. For example, if you have lodged in your Web a video that occupies 50 Megas and host to only guarantees 50GB you of monthly traffic, only 1000 people are going to be able to see that video. In fact, if they did it, until end of month the supplier of hosting does not guarantee to you that your Web works well. What happens habitually is that happens to go slower.


if the possibility that fits 10 people simultaneously lower to a file of 50 megas of your Web the bandwidth is important to have it in account, because if he is not quite ample the Web will slow down.
Are many other advanced aspects to consider, usually they are for very specific very complex Webs and for each case.

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