To create a bottom Web with Photoshop

Published 27-07-2010

I want to show a technique to you to create quite attractive bottoms with Photoshop.

In the first place what we needed they are two images of great size (minimum 1024 xs 768). Podeis search in Google Images. We will obtain effect more optimal if one of the images is some element with a bottom almost everything of the same color (ideal if he is white or black) and the other image is something similar to a landscape, without outstanding elements.

We are going to make an example with these two images:

Forest it foretells

First that we must do is to open them with the Photoshop and in one of them to make Selection - > Everything, Edition - > Copiar, we go away to the other image and we make Edition - > Pegar. If the image that we beat does not have the same size that the one of back we make Edition - > Free Transformation to fit it, when it is fit we tightened to enter.

Immediately afterwards, in the panel of layers (F7 if we do not have it visible) we are going to change to the way of fusion of the layer superior with the inferior. We must look for there where it puts €œNormal€ that there is a drop-down box and we chose the second option that is €œTo dissolve€. Without touching nothing else, with the keyboard we are doing shoots with an arrow down and we will be seeing the different combinations that we obtain. When we see one that we like we scored the name of the fusion way before continuing trying and finally we remained with which we like more.

I hope that you have liked the post. Here you have some results:

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