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Published 04-08-2010

When the old civilizations began to deal arose technical from Marketing by means of which it looked for to catch the attention of possible consumers, to wake up latent needs in them and finally to sell a product to satisfy these needs.

Those techniques have been evolving throughout the suspicious, elaborated and complex years becoming more and more. The appearance of new mass media throughout both last centuries as the newspaper, the radio and the television revolutionized lasestrategias of marketing at the time and their effectiveness.

As it could not less be, the appearance of Internet supposed another great revolution in the world of Marketing and gave rise to a new modality to promote itself and to catch clients through Internet that we know as Marketing Online.

To his first years Marketing Online determined and emulated techniques and strategies of Traditional Marketing. The new form of Marketing phelp attention to the old one. Marketing Online, in its little 20 years of life, has been evolving to a vertiginous speed being different itself more and more from the Traditional one.

Now, little by little, and more and more, the return is occurring him to the tortilla. I explain myself. If before Marketing Online phelp attention to Traditional Marketing, now it begins to succeed the opposite: within Marketing Online studies become exceeds €œwhat it looks for people in Internet€ to adapt the strategies of Marketing to those searches. This happens because often the businessmen think that the possible clients are going search their services using a series of key words and making these studies is observed that the searches that the users do of Internet are different from which the businessmen believed.

For example, the proprietor of a real estate one wanted to position his Web for the search €œbuilds new in Calella€. €œNew work€ is a concept that all we understand but that the great majority of people does not use when looks for in Google. It has been observed that what people look for is €œnew floors in Calella€ and therefore if a Campaign of Marketing is realised Online is much more effective if it is oriented towards this keyword which they use that not to that it was believed at first.

This event, and these studies of €œwhat words use people search my services in Internet€ are home to use in Traditional Marketing. These advertising studies are realised and they are created slogans in posters and pamphlets having used the words that people use search a certain service or product in Internet.

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