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Published 04-08-2010

After several years designing pages Webs I have given account and I have been able to verify in several occasions that not matters how of attractive it is webpage, because always somebody will have to who not it will like, that it will think to him that the design is very loaded, very minimalist (simple and practical), too alive colors or extinguished€¦


However, there is a series of characteristics of the pages Webs that well surely the great majority of people will agree which they must have€¦

One of them is the usability, that is to say, the facility that has the user in moving by the webpage and finding what needs (although in some certain very concrete occasions sometimes to the creator of the Web interest to him that people €œare shipwrecked€ in her).

Once a companion commented that a good Web must offer something new from time to time so that people visit it of periodic way. Another companion commented a day to me that now takes €œthe minimalist€ designs.

What you think? Characteristic What you create that he must have a good webpage?

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