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Published 26-08-2010

Internet is a great window to the world that offers the possibility of communicating of diverse ways with very many people. As it is not to be strange, in all place that there is a great affluence of public takes advantage the occasion to make publicity.


In Internet there are many ways to make publicity, we will speak despite only of the 3 that usually give to major yield to the companies: SEO (Optimization Search Engine [optimization in finders]), SEM (Search Engine Marketing [marketing in finders]) and SMM (Social Average Marketing [marketing in social networks]).

SEM (Search Engine Marketing):

Without a doubt one of the most used, simple, fast and profitable in the short term. It consists of making leave announcements in Google when people look for words related to the services or products that we offer. Those announcements have a title and a brief description. The title, in addition, connects with the webpage that we want, being able to put all the information there that we want that it receives the possible client. The announcements appear in the Column right of the results of Google, and sometimes, in the part superior of the left column (the part emphasized in green of the image superior).

Home: if the Web already is created, it only takes between 15 minutes and 1 hour in starting up the campaign of announcements and soon it is necessary to wait for between 1 hour and 5 zone times so that Google validates your announcement (because the announcement must meet certain conditions).

Maintenance: it agrees to be doing a pursuit of the campaign every 15 days approximately by so observing the results and of making modifications in the same tried to optimize it little by little. It is good for generating monthly analyses and for observing the yield data to take considerations if outside necessary.

Price: the price of the SEM campaign two factors determine it: the investment that are wanted to realise in Google and the monthly price that a specialized company acquires to manage the campaign. The part of Google works of the following way: a daily budget to Google is destined (for example 4 Euros), your announcement will be appearing as people look for things related to your services or products, whenever somebody clicks in the announcement and visits your Web you must pay to Google a small amount (the CPC, Cost By Click) of for example 0.50 Euros. The announcement will continue leaving until people have clicado so many times in your announcement that has covered your daily budget (in the example which we are following are received 8 clicks (and therefore visits to the Web) to the day. The CPC, cost by click, depends on the competition that there is to put announcements according to which it looks for people. For example, if your you want that your announcement leaves when people look for €œMadrid restaurant€ the CPC will be high because there is much competition. If you want that your announcement leaves when people look for €œto buy t-shirt €œto buy shirt Seville cashmere€ the CPC will be lower dice the low competition. As far as the price that usually receives the specialized companies usually are between the 100 and 300 Euros according to the volume of the campaign.

Advantages: fast, because in a few hours the campaign is had working, and accessible to everybody then with a small investment of 200 Euros can be tested of a month and profitable, because the announcements only arrive at people who are interested in products and services that are only offered and are pleased when people visit your Web

Disadvantages: Still being very profitable there are options that can give better results in the long term.

SEO (Optimization Search Engine):

It consists of making leave the webpage a company in the natural results of Google (left column of the results, stood out in brown in the previous image). By means of diverse techniques of creation it is possible to cause that a Web leaves in the first results of Google for certain searches. In these cases the client also will be able to see the title of the Web and a description something more extensive than in the previous case. Clicking in the title the client will accede to the webpage that is being promoted.

Home: the home is quite slow, then, to be able to position a Web is necessary to use two types of techniques. The first type of Google techniques usually takes one week in assimilating the realised task, in the second type of Google techniques can take about 3 months in assimilating the accomplishment of these tasks. According to the competition that there is it will be possible to be resorted only to the first type of techniques either it will be necessary to also use the second type of techniques and will be necessary to wait for the more so that the Web is positioned.

Maintenance: once secured a good positioning in Google the arms cannot be lowered. It is necessary to continue carrying out external tasks of positioning the Web not to lose the position. With those concepts of more competition a €œrace€ by the first positions is created where if you confuse your competition happens to you ahead.

Price: one is pleased only to the company specialized in SEO, and the price of these campaigns enough usually is lifted, because they suppose a good number of hours throughout several weeks to obtain good results. In addition, to concentrate in only one search can not be profitable and is necessary to position the Web for many concepts nails search of people. Usually they are made campaigns of a year (due to the retardation in the results in Google) and the price can be between 3,000 and 30,000 Euros to the year. That yes, is necessary to try to negotiate with the company that realises the service to you that receives to us based on the obtained results; the ideal is to pay a symbolic amount by the service and if they manage a good positioning to pay for that reason.

Advantages: in this case one is not pleased by each click in our connection, reason why the Web, once positioned well, will continue appearing of first although they click thousand to us to the day and without having to pay nothing to Google for that reason. On the other hand they are campaigns that usually are very profitable long term and that attract many visits the Web.

Disadvantages: called to his complexity and cost it is not accessible for all the companies.

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

It consists of making publicity in social networks. The first step is to create a page or a profile of the company in the social network. Next it is necessary to manage some announcements in the social network that will be been pleased by click (as in SEM).

Home: The home is relatively simple, consists of creating the page and spending some hours doing the management of the announcements of the possible most optimal way.

Maintenance: like in SEM, he is advisable to make a biweekly analysis of results so that these are analyzed and are possible to be making small modifications to optimize the campaign. Also he is advisable to analyze the monthly statistics of the campaign.

Advantages: The great potential of this Marketing comes dice by two factors: on the one hand great data base that has the social network of the users knowing its tastes, likings, locality and a long list of others, something that allows to leak to adressees of announcements arriving only at that they have profile that interests to us, and on the other hand is the fact that when the users who arrive at our profile/page from the social network adhere, the own social network will communicate of automatic way to all contacts that it are this user has liked our profile/page, being created therefore very powerful a viral effect.

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