How work does the publicity in Google?

Published 08-12-2010

All we want that our Web is first in Google, because well it is known that thanks to the finder can arrive at our webpage a great number of possible clients, and a priori at the most above our Web in the results appears of Google better.


One of the most effective and fast techniques to leave in the first positions of Google is the called discipline SEM (Marketing in Finders) that consists of making appear an announcement with a connection towards our webpage in the results of Google when people look for certain words of our interest.

As a result of some doubts that have arisen to them to several clients I have proposed to realise this post explaining the basic concepts on the appearance in Google of a Web by means of this technique€¦

Home of the campaign of promotion of the Web

Creation of the announcements

First of all, once or we have the webpage that we want to promote, the person in charge to promote will create it one or the more announcements. I am going to come to explain the basic process by means of an example. Fij©monos in the Web that sells gifts by Internet. Two possible announcements would be these:

You don't know what to give?
Purchase original gifts and
different from a simple way
Gifts for Companies
Gifts with discount for companies
Office, Technology, Merchandising

Election of the key words

Now the person in charge to promote the Web must choose why words want that it appears in the results of Google each one of the announcements. For example, in the announcement, we could make appear the announcement for €œoriginal Christmas presents€, €œgifts€, €œideas of gifts€, etc. For two announcement the announcement would go that it appeared for €œgifts for companies€, €œmerchandising well corporative companies€, €œgifts€, etc.

To draw up the budget

Soon one comes from the most important parts: to choose the budget for the campaign of promotion of the Web. In order to make leave a Web in the results Google with this system it is necessary to pay to Google. The client chooses a budget, that so that it is more clearly thinks a monthly budget that later it inquires to Google in the form of daily budget. Whichever major is our daily budget more visits we will obtain. Following the example, we could be determined a monthly budget of 120 Euros more IVA than, at the time of informing to Google, we will tell him that our budget is of 4 Euros to the day.

To determine Coste Por Clic (CPC)

Finally we establish Coste Por Clic (CPC), that it indicates how much we are prepared to pay to Google by each click. We are going to suppose that we establish a Cost By Click of 0.50 Euros.

Polishing the details

These are the basic steps to start up a campaign in Google. And already it is? It is that simple? Far from it. The system is much more complex. There is a great number of variables and parameters to form that they are used to optimize the campaign as more ahead I comment and which I cannot enter because they would make this post much more long and complex than already it is being.

Appearance of the announcements in Google

Once the announcement throws the home of the webpage begins to appear in Google. There are two factors that worry much to people and about which many clients have asked to me: the duration of the announcement and the position.

The duration of the announcement

The announcement is going to be appearing in the results of Google throughout the day. If our announcement is but click in him is not made to visit the Web does not happen anything, but they click covers part with our daily budget. If we have drawn up a daily budget of 4 Euros and will pay by each click 0.50 Euros, when 8 people have clicked in our announcement this one stops leaving until the next day since already we will have covered our daily budget (8 clicks by 0.50 Euros are 4 Euros). She is as if we had a quota of daily clicks that when it covers itself stop leaving our announcement. If someday, reason why outside, the whole quota were not covered and we would only arrive for example at 3 Euros, because to Google by that day it would only be necessary to pay to him to those 3 Euros and not them 4 Euros of the drawn up daily budget.

On the other hand, it can happen that if the chosen words look for example 10,000 times to the day and our budget it gives only for 8 clicks, could be that Google causes that although we have left daily quota at a certain time does not show our announcement because knows of surpluses that are going to have enough time throughout the day to show it and to cause that people click in him.

The position of the announcement

As a rule the one that more payment by click, more above leaves, home by the 3 positions of above of everything of the results and following by the results that appear in the column of the right.

Most important

For you what is more important? That your announcement leaves first all and to secure only 4 visits to the Web to the day, or that leaves in positions inferiors and to secure 8 visits to the day by the same price?

There is much people obsessed in leaving first. In the previous example, surely, if we establish a cost by click of 1 Euro we are going to be able to cause that the announcement leaves the 3 first, but are going to obtain only 4 daily visits in the Web. If we wanted to perhaps go out in the first positions throughout the day we would have to draw up a budget of 30 daily Euros! However, with a cost by click of 0.50 Euros, although we do not leave the 3 first, we will secure 8 visits to the day. You don't think that the number of visits is more important that not it position in which we leave?

Optimizing the campaign of promotion of the Web

Finally to comment that the main task of the person who manages the promotion of the Web in Google is to secure two things: a greater number of visits by the same budget and secondly to secure quality visits. What? Visits of quality? What is that? By quality visits we understand visits of people who are prepared to buy in our Web, to ask for a budget, to put themselves in touch requesting information on our services, etc. By means of a series of techniques which they conform the most complex part of SEM are possible to be secured all these things, is even possible to make leave our announcement over the one our competition having a cost by click inferior that they.

€œTo secure the maximum of visits of quality with the drawn up budget it is then the purpose that it must take to end the person who manages a SEM campaign in Google€

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