First in Google for Design Web Terrassa

Published 30-01-2011

When we initiated our service of positioning within the department of Marketing Online in the middle of the 2009 the positioning of our own Web was not too good but some months later€¦

Terrassa interested much to us to posiconar the Web of our company for €œdesign Web€. At that time we were in position approximately 36 then never we had carried out great tasks of positioning in the Web.

It was then when our Person in charge of Marketing Online began to specialize and extended its knowledge of positioning. Without a too exhaustive dedication for want of time it was scaling positions until appearing by half of the second page.

The positioning is as a race, is necessary to be working constantly because but your adversaries happen to you ahead. This is what happened during the 10 first months of 2010, our positioning was moved by half of the front page.

In the last 3 months this person has intensified her tasks of positioning of our Web, and very pleasing it has been our surprise when discovering today that we are in the first position of Google for €œdesign Web terrassa€.

I hope that when if him d¡is to this connection [to verify] to verify there what tenth in this post we continue being.

To date of today also well we are positioned in

  • marketing online terrassa (seconds)
  • SEO terrassa (fifth)
  • sem terrassa (fifth)
  • company design Web terrassa (seconds)
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