12 Advice for Entrepreneurs

Published 15-02-2011

The past December I created a calendar with 12 advice for entrepreneurs. There are according to which things that are not known and us had come well that somebody had commented them to us soon after home a company.


Other advice, we know them and we are conscientious of his necessity, but the fact of not remembering them in the day to day causes that we forget them.

It is why I created this calendar for entrepreneurs and I gave a few. These are the 12 advice who I give:

  1. Determine objectives in the short and long term to you. Leave them in writing and visible.
  2. Create a good signature to you in your manager of mail, you will give better image of company.
  3. A slip in the way does not mean the aim. It even can that is necessary to encounter before arriving at where we want. You know why we fall? In order to learn to rise to us.
  4. To register in Google Places costs very little and perhaps it brings some client to us.
  5. It sells benefits instead of products or services.
  6. Ten always calling cards by hand. There are sites by where by a few Euros they do 100 cards to you.
  7. It develops a work that you like, that she makes you feel realised.
  8. Ten always clear your prices, you do not hesitate when giving them and you do not leave haggle to you.
  9. It takes care of the reaci³n with your clients, if you forget them, they will forget you.
  10. Very low prices in a service can give sensation of bad quality.
  11. It takes care of your corporative image, it says much of you and your company.
  12. It looks for different ways to present to you and analyzes the results.
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