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Published 10-03-2011

It is not any newness, but I want to comment a subject that seems to me very interesting: the social interactions in pages Webs.


Of what the social interactions consist?

Basically in allowing that your webpage interacts with the social networks in which his proprietor participates and in those in which the visitors participate. We can differentiate then two different types:

Social interactions of the proprietor of the Web.

This type of interaction connects with the profile of the social networks of the proprietor of the Web and shows information. Some examples than we can do:

  • To put the wall of our page of facebook in our Web.
  • To put a button €œI like€, the amount of people to whom it likes and even to make leave the photo the friendly facebook of the visitor the Web to which they like the page.
  • To put our followers in Twitter.

And many applications more. Those of facebook you can find them here: Facebook Developers Plugins

Social interactions of the visitors of the Web.

  • Basically it consists of giving to the user the possibility of sharing the information that is seeing in the wall of its Facebook, its Twitter, in wag me and a great variety of social networks. A great application for it: Addthis

You can see two good examples:
Wall facebook, to share in
to share in
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