Considerations when contracting positioning SEO

Published 23-03-2011

One of the most difficult relations that clients and suppliers as far as services of Internet occur between occurs at the time of contracting to services of positioning SEO.


The wheel of the SEO.

The work SEO is as a very heavy wheel that at the outset there is to make much force to obtain that it begins to turn slowly, little by little is accelerating and soon with a continuous force it stays turning at good speed, if it is stopped making force by own inertia continues turning during a time.

With this metaphor I conclude some of the different aspects to consider on the part of the clients and of the suppliers.


Aspects that must consider the clients:

SEO is not an exact science: The positioning SEO is a very complex process where a company can do a great work to position a Web well, but always can have another one spends more hours and positions better another Web for the same key words. So nobody is going to be able to guarantee to you to be of the three first the 100%.

It demands quotas based on results: as they cannot guarantee a perfect result to you, it demands that the price of the service is based on the results, therefore the supplier will strive more to obtain them. Those results can be measured of different ways: position of the page in Google for different key words, increase of the traffic of visits, increase of sales€¦ The more and better you can measure these factors and the more one adjusts to the real benefit that is going to you to produce the campaign of better positioning for you.

You are not in a hurry: Google does not read the different million pages Webs that every day are in the world and update continuously the results. You Web are more, and the changes that make in your Web to improve the positioning can take between some days and 3 months in arising effect.

Small changes in the aspect of the Web: the majority of the changes that do in the Web is not going to be percibibles for the users, but some of them perhaps yes. SEO speaks it with your supplier before putting nothing in march.

Aspects that must consider the suppliers:

What is what it really interests to you? One assumes that if you are offering this service is to make money. You can choose to campaign mediocre SEO during some months, that the client does not understand how she is working the thing and she terminates the contract when she can, or you can choose to campaign good totally SEO, being transparent, making see the client the good results that you are obtaining and the increase him of bandage that is supposing. For it creates objectives in Google Analytics, it measures the traffic Web and if the volume of sales is possible.

It establishes a minimum quota: since I have already commented before the ideal for the client is that it receives based on results. Despite that it does not clear to you that I acquire a symbolic minimum quota to cover the backs to you in first the 2 or 3 months if the campaign not yet is giving result. To work not to receive anything demotivates much. A minimum quota for the work and commissions based on results will give the dose you of necessary motivation.

Contracts of minimum duration: you can be doing a great work during three months without results, that the client terminates the contract and that later begin to come the results from the task which you did and of not receiving for that reason. It even establishes minimum durations of 6 months€¦ or of a year.

Clause of contract conclusion: in the same way that the first months you are going to work and perhaps only I acquire the minimum quota, when the client terminates the contract leaves from the task done in the last months (or years) is going to continue favoring the client although you stop working and receiving. It asks then that during some months you can acquire a percentage than you would receive of to have continued working.


And this is everything, I hope that it has been to you from interest and that it can help as much some as to others to decide to you.

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