Webs with groups versus. Done Webs by hand

Published 26-04-2011

I get ready to analyze these two techniques of creation of pages Webs. A done Web €œby hand€ entails a great amount of task. He is why more and more the programmers Webs use the versatility of the groups to make pages Webs.


The groups offer a series of advantages very useful. What happens is that the people who contract a Web and do it with a group (and even some programmers Web) do not know the disadvantages with which also we can be found.

She is by that I want to make a comparative one between the differences make a Web €œby hand€ or do it with groups.

First of all I will explain very superficially both concepts.

Done webpage by hand:

The designer/programmer of the Web writes all the source code of the page (sometimes helped by some program as Dreamweaver) and creates all the necessary images for the design of the same (with the Photoshop, for example).

Webpage with group:

The designer/programmer takes a webpage that either is done thought so that only it is necessary to modify the information of his interior and or is all ready one. Fact this work entails also the necessity well to make modifications in the group to equip with exclusive feature to the Web and that his proprietor cannot be found with another Web with the same design in the network.

Comparative Webs by hand versus Webs with groups

Now yes, I present this comparative picture to you of the two techniques, followed of several explanations for each of them.

Characteristic valued of 0 (very bad) to 10 (very good)Web by handWeb with group
Total control on the Web and its structure107
Rapidity in the elaboration58
Optimized for positioning107
Facility to make changes of content810
Facility to make changes of design86
Facility to make changes of programming104
Consumption of resources of the system106


Total control on the Web and its structure

Obvious in a done Web by hand we can do everything what we want and that concerning programming is possible. However in a group we are limited the characteristics of the same; it is necessary to find a group that adapts rather well to our needs and soon we will be able to make a good series of modifications, but not all that cross us the mind. For example www.txikibastida.com would have been impossible to do it with a group.

Rapidity in the elaboration

The groups facilitate much the creation of a Web and obvious soon it is reflected in the price that ends up paying the person who the contract. This is the best advantage of the groups, on the contrary, we have another series of limitations. A done Web by hand entails more time. There are programs as Dreamweaver that facilitate this task, but we in some can both harm us in other aspects having left intermediate valuations of cases that we are analyzing. I, personally, prefer to by hand make the Webs with the Notepad++.

Optimized for positioning

In a Web done by hand when having a total control envelope she can optimize it for the positioning to the maximum. That yes, is necessary to know how to do it well and it will also entail its time. Only good that they offer to us the groups as far as positioning are that there are some aspects that already were made well the person who created it. On the contrary the group usually incorporates much unnecessary source code that can harm to us.

Facility to make changes of content

Understanding as changes of content to modifications of text (and appearance of the same) and photos in a group the facility is very great, it is only necessary to worry about the content in himself. However in the done Web by hand there are other factors that there are to consider.

Facility to make changes of design

Certain changes are equal of easy with both techniques as for example changing the colors of the images that conform the design. Other modifications however can tolerate some difficulty in the case of the groups. Coverall as far as the structure (to change a side column, to narrow it, to join the elements of a menu so that they fit more in the same space€¦).

Facility to make changes in the programming

It turns out quite complex to do according to what changes of programming in a group. For example if one is a real estate one and we want to implement a finder that allows to leak by different fields (squared price, meters, etc.) is much more simple to do it in a done Web by hand. It is possible to say that for certain habitual changes of programming (as for example a finder) exists plugins for the groups that implement it to you of a very simple and easier way that it was made by hand. The clearest case is to mount a store online. It turns out very complex to program it by hand. For that reason the use of a group facilitates the task to which plugin of store can be added to him some online. The one of always, on the done Web by hand easy and total control.

Consumption of resources of the system

A done Web by hand always will be optimized as far as resources of the system. A group implements code and functionalities that we are not perhaps useful but that us things can clear disc space among others. What jumps at sight is than a static Web with a group can be done that perhaps requires a data base when a Web the same done by hand would not need it for anything.

And this is everything, if somebody happens some characteristic more to him than it can compare I will be thankful for the commentary.

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