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Published 17-05-2011

Google Shopping appears in Spain in beta version

For some days it appears us in the Web of Google a new option arrives at the right. Where before we found €œthe Web€, €œImages€, €œVideos€€¦ now also we see that it puts €œShopping€.


If we entered we will accede to a product tool search that already has been several months implanted in the USA and UK.

This tool allows search all product type us, to see its photographies and their prices. In addition it allows us to buy prices between different Webs and to accede to them to realise the purchase of the product.

Result of searches

We can also order the products by relevance and to see them in format grid, where we will see the images far better.

Future improvements in this product tool search.

Perhaps at the moment Google Shopping this in beta version and not yet works all the good that can get to work. Google will go little by little analyzing the interaction of the users with the tool as well as the difficulties with which websmasters of the stores online is to discharge from the hospital their products.

We hope that with time the tool gets to even work to the 100% and that Google brings to Spain its system of Google Checkout payment to be able to buy products directly.

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