The problem of Google is the users

Published 18-05-2011

In response to this good article: The problem of Google is Google.

What it has done great to Google from the first moment is his algorithm and its philosophy to offer quality contents.


As the great majority of gratuitous services that are offered, Google makes money by means of the publicity with the ingenious system of Adsense-Adowrds.

The problem, in my opinion, is not of Google, but of many users, who are infecting the trash network in search of benefits. The people say that in case single they are good, and is when they join themselves in society who corrupt. Internet and Google create society, and we are corropiendo it, we are corrupting.

Solution? Difficult, I only can offer a pair of ideas:
- Not to position Webs that abuse Adwords.
- That Google creates an article tail where bloggers we can discharge from the hospital information and that the spider of Google is them reading by insertion order to avoid the content copy.

What you think?

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