How to choose a good domain for a webpage

Published 04-07-2011

A question that to us quite often our clients formulate is what domain would go well for its webpage.


The great problem over all is that with approximately the 20 years of life that has Internet at particular level they have registered million domains that no longer are available when we want to have our own p gina Web.

This happens coverall when a trademark or an invented name is not previously had that it identifies to them (as proogresa, privalia, nike, etc.). If it is had a name or invented brand is easier to find a domain. We are going then to try to give some guides you to choose a domain when we left from zero:

In order search good domains available in the first place he is advisable to do braingstorm (rain of ideas) with those words that like us for our Web. If one were a Web to sell shoes the rain of ideas could be:

Shoes, footwear, lie down, sale, market, commerce, sneakers€¦

Later it is necessary to try search combinations of words following some rules that we propose:

1. That the name is easy to remember

At the time of which our Web is promoted and it occurs to know a natural way is important that it is easy to remember so that the ear mouth works as well as possible. For example:

2. That he is not very long

To part of the ugly aspect that it has a name of very long domain also causes that it is more difficult to remember. For example: - Psic³logos and Sex³logos

3. That it does not generate confusion

There are certain €œarreglillos€ looking for domains found that they can generate confusion and harm the ear mouth. Better clear and simple names of domain. Some examples of these bad techniques are:

  • Combinations of words where the last letter of the first word and the first letter of second parabra is the same (
  • Words in English (
  • words invented with B or V (
  • To eat letters as in the SMS (
  • Canviar C by K (

4. That it informs into the thematic one of the Web if is possible

He is not the same to read by the street that The second domain will far better catch the attention of people interested in this product type.

5. Territorial information

If our Web is a business oriented to a certain territory, is good for adding information of our scope (city, lines up, province, community€¦). For example:

6. That the domain is .com

Much more it is known and popular, there is one who does not remember the last part of the name of a Web and by defect she puts .com - Whenever he is available is better than .com for the name of a webpage.

7. Generic terms can be added

To add to words as your, my, everything, online€¦ will help to find dominos available. For example:

With these rules we must look for combinations of domains that can be available and to verify it. Following with the previous example of the store of shoes we could have:

(note: the capital letters and small letters are the same in the domains: is just like, the capital letters by an aesthetic question and of legibility are used)



I hope that it has served to you as help, if you have some doubt or you want that we help to leave us a commentary you. Luck!

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