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Published 28-10-2011

The past Wednesday 26 of October I had the pleasure to attend €œ3a day emprenedoria€ organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Terrassa and the city council of Sant Cugat.


Before explaining the experience I will put a little in situation having explained that is an event where enterprising of several localities of Western Valles (it lines up of the province of Barcelona) they meet to attend a cycle of conference and activities related to the enterprise world. More information in

Arriving at the place of the event.

I behind schedule left house by some personal questions. When I located the Teatre-Auditori de Sant Cugat already were the 10, hour of home of the first conference. Auguring a terrible Odyssey to be able to park I decided to go direct to the deprived car park of University ESADE (my credit card shook when seeing me to enter).

When I arrived at the conference hall and a likeable usher looked for a good site to me, I was glad when listening the presenter of the event that the first rapporteur arrived late.

Conference of Emili Dur³.

I did not have to hope much to begin to enjoy the show of Emili Dur³, a businessman with an impressive curriculum that came to give us to a chat on motivation and advice for entrepreneurs. I say show because Mr. Dur³ delighted with his more extroverted version, combining anecdotes, jokes, suggestions and advice for all the assistants.

Unfortunately between the acoustics of the room, their speed in the speech and a touch of leridano accent, did not allow me to catch all their message, but I remain with a few directives:

  • To travel and to copy ideas much: he is almost everything invented, and it is always possible to innovate, but it is easier to copy things than already they work (personally I am not 100% in agreement with the advice, but it serves to me).
  • The yield comes by the passion and the illusion: you do not undertake by necessity.
  • The happiness does not come from the fact, but from the observer: Mr. Dur³ explained that a same fact can bring about different emotions in the people. As a result of our form to think and our experiences we reacted before the facts. The message was that we must confront the things with optimism, see the part good and for understanding the failure as a part of the way to arrive at the success.

I make you arrive a book that it recommended to us: €œThe unfinished manuscript€, whose author did not mention and its search by Internet has taken to this Web:


After this communication we went to the hall of the Audience, finding us with a magnificent lunch that hundreds of entrepreneurs were in charge to exterminate in a few minutes.

Back from the C©sar Oteiza conferences, one of the founders of, spoke to us of the fates of its company. Returning to speak of the failure it dedicated the one to us that could be a great premise: €œAccumulating failures you find the key of the success€. It spoke to us as they were the first real estate portal in Spain done well, how they expanded little by little and how, at a certain time and doing the same of always, its company made a €œclick€ that it allowed to give a gigantic jump them.

It gave the following advice us:

  • Not to negotiate financing with necessity, you are at a disadvantage.
  • To spend more time search financing that invoicing is a great error.
  • The future it is in the mobiles.
  • The publicity on TV gives an enormous flash.


Next the communication came from M rius Cirera, person in charge of the channel of Internet of the Munich sneakers. It explained to us that initially they did not have communication with the final client, but one of the children of the present head of the company convinced to open them a store online. After a time they were that some clients requested customized sneakers to them for handball doormen.

As a result of this they decided to put at the disposal of all the possibility of creating customized sneakers from his own webpage, dividing the sneaker in different pieces.

It explained that they directly did not remove a great benefit from it, but that served to occur to them to know much and also to discover new tendencies according to the requests that occurred more on the part of the users.

More ahead they began to publish in facebook the sneakers of the users, to realise votings and began to move everybody of the Social Average.

Cooltra Motorcycles

In the last conference in the morning we could attend the communication of Mr. Timo, a very likeable German whose name gave rise to several jokes. Timo has created in Spain a company of rent motorcycles that are working to him very well. It is placed in tourist cities giving service to thousands of foreigners who come to our country to enjoy the good climate.

It explained that they bet by the electrical mobility and that one of the keys of their success had been the numerous collaborations by means of many channels. They have made even motorcycles of the F.C. Barcelona.

It also spoke to us of the seasonality of his business, outside season do not sell. Before this situation they decided to give a service of rent of motorcycles to the citizen by a monthly price really very economic. All an idea of innovation and overcoming of obstacles.

Its advice:

  • He selects the business model well: he thinks about how you are going away to gain the life, towards where you will go, etc.
  • To observe the box flow: it is necessary to be able to anticipate situations limits and to anticipate itself to them.
  • To limit the personal financial risk: the entrepreneur must say I am not going to contribute more of certain amount and to fulfill it.
  • To prepare to the pair: to coexist with an entrepreneur is not just like to coexist with a person who works in general regime. You must explain to your pair the life way to him with which you can be found.
  • To select the partners well: you can be taken many surprises.


rollup proogresaAfter listening to the experiences of several businessmen we returned the hall to enjoy a fantastic food. During this different time I was looking at €œroll-UPS€ that they had exposed. One of them era of NonStop-Press. In short whiles I was next to ours roll-up speaking of our services and giving pamphlets with information.

Round table. Financing.

This activity I did not attend because luckily it was not from my special interest, and because with all the load of the day and previous days it found a little badly me. I was useful to rest, to establish conversation with some entrepreneurs and to make some managements.

Space of Networking.

For who does not know it is an activity where many people of businesses meet to interchange opinions, search clients, suppliers and collaborations. One of the ways to do it is to seat front to two rows of people so that they speak with the person of ahead. Each X minutes one of the rows (always the same) moves to change of interlocutor.

In my case I was looking for clients, new ideas and some designer for future collaborations.

It is possible that after this session of networking it makes a collaboration with some designers of St. Cugat, perhaps leaves some possible client and a collaboration with royalties to promote a service of rent of boats in Barcelona.


Finalized the session of networking I remained speaking with the man of the company of rent of boats. A girl of TV of San Cugat approached to us asking to us if she could interview to us. We accept both, you can here see the video: (minute 01:30).

Returning to the car park the reception man it informed to me that the parking of my car under one of the most prestigious universities of Catalonia cost 26 eurazos. It was happened to ask to me if there were some type of discount. It saw my pass the €œday of emprenedoria€ and it told me that the assistants we phelp only 11 Euros by all day (Yuhu).

Returning to house I reflected in which it had been a very productive day: good advice of businessmen with experience, possible clients and possible collaborators. They are always beneficial east type of events.

Until the next one.


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