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Published 22-12-2011

After a length and simultaneously short way of 2 year and a half creating and developing a company, I have lived and undergone many experiences as supplier and client.


It is not my intention to set out my pains, but those anecdotes funnier than have been to me happening throughout this time.

The great majority of them is situations to seem graceful that they have happened to me to some clients. I hope not to offend in this way to anybody, you think that many we sometimes sinned of inexpert and I myself I have been myself reflected as client in some of the following anecdotes.

I write these experiences so that they can be useful to other entrepreneurs and so that they serve to me same to remember that the things it is necessary to leave them well clear from the home not to have misunderstandings.

For yesterday

Client:I need that you do a very urgent budget to me, me you can have for this behind schedule?
Supplier:Uff€¦ very just, tomorrow I give it.
5 weeks later€¦
Supplier:What has of the budget that I happened to him?
Client:Not yet I have been able it to me to look

Projects €œsencillitos€

Client:I want that you do a sencillita webpage to me
Supplier:Ok, will cost X to him Euros.
6 days later
Client:You could include in the Web a gallery of photos with some handsome effect?
6 days later
Client:I will be able I myself to modify texts? I will be able I myself to add photos to the gallery?
4 days later
Client:I would like that in the cover there was an animation, as well as entrance page.
Supplier:Good, that would have it to invoice to part
Client:Man, but something that is sencillito€¦
Supplier:€¦ I will look to see what I can do
2 days desu©s
Client:I would also like that in the Web it appeared a button that when clicar appeared a ventanita with my last entrances of facebook, and another equal button to twitter, in addition to the connections to the respective pages, that next to two little flags for the languages, because the Web will be in two languages, truth?

Guarantees by contract

Client:What guarantees give me?
Supplier:Then the guarantee To, B and C
Client:Me you can put in writing in a contract?
Supplier:By all means
Contract:The supplier is committed to carry out the tasks defined within 10 days blah blah blah bla€¦
Client:: )
Contract:The supplier will put at the disposal of the client a tool so that the same can blah blah blah bla€¦
Client:: )
Contract:The supplier offers the guarantees To, B and C blah blah blah bla€¦
Client:: )
Contract:The client commits himself to pay to the amount of Xeuros by the service blah blah blah bla€¦
Client:Good, if you and I did not reach an agreement is so necessary either that we sign a contract€¦

Killer invoice, preventive pro forma

After a month negotiating the characteristics of a service and the conditions of the same, I passed the invoice to him to the client and from that one same day it disappeared of the Earth face, I have not managed to return to give with him for 10 months.

Indecent renovation

Supplier:(e-mail) we put ourselves in touch with you to inform to him that inside within a month they expire the services that it had contracted with us. Shortly we will call to him to transact the renovation of the same.
Client:Man, I believe that the Web is very improvable, before paying the renovation would have to do something with her.
Supplier:Him memory that is Web we acquired it through its old supplier and we migrated it of servant. For it the work in X was budgeted to them Euros that not yet we have received. We were behind you several weeks. Finally they requested a budget to us to improve the Web of his old supplier and to pay all the work of blow. The budget appeared to them and we communicated with you in different occasions to confirm his approval. Day of today we continued hoping. It is for that reason that before making no improvement in the Web we considered that it would have to pay the slow invoice of a year and the present renovation ago.
Client:Good member state€¦€¦.

Ghost Client?

Certain day I meet with a possible client who had seen me in a day of emprendedor­a. It requests a budget to me so that it realises a webpage to him and I give several advice given my experience him as entrepreneur. It gives to its phone number and its e-mail me so that him pass the budget.

Days later him shipment the budget by e-mail and I spend several days without knowing to me of him, trying to call it without result.

Finally, I do an hidden call to him from my mobile to his: €œ- Hello, with Luis€. With his characteristic voice that remembered of the meeting it answers: €œ- Yes, who is€. €œ- I call of NonStop-Press, by the budget that we happened to him€. €œ- With whom it says that it wanted to speak€. €œ-€¦ With Luis€¦€. €œ- Luis? I am Antonio, is no Luis here, I feel it, goodbye€. Pi, pi, pi .....

Industrial Espionage, or inflated curriculum?

A situation that astonished to me enormously was the work interview that I did a boy to him. A good curriculum presented some days before to me, and during first the sections of the interview it seemed a very formal and enabled boy.

At a certain time I commented to him that it wanted that tested small of knowledge with the computer that according to its curriculum could do without many problems. She sat down before and he shelp suddenly to me if he could go to the bathroom. I approached the bathroom a little while to see that everything was in sequence and when I returned the boy was speaking by the mobile. It looked at and it made a gesture to me of €œa little while€. It a little while stopped to speak to ask to me if podia to go outside because not o­a well. I shelp yes to him that and went out. While I hoped I was going to the street and returning to enter to see if the boy had finished. When I began to mosquear itself by the delay and left for the last time to tell him that he enters already, the boy had gone away. Hallucinating, he did not see himself him by the street. I waited for some minutes, I returned to leave, nothing. I called to him to the mobile, without answer. And it was never known more.


And this is everything, that you pass some happy celebrations.

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