Inspector Web 3D in Firefox 11

Published 15-03-2012

Thanks to Firefox already we have a fantastic complement to inspect Webs in 3D.

Inspector Web 3D: this sensational complement allows to see Webs you in 3D of a simple and fast way. In order to be able to use it you must follow following the steps:

1. To update your Firefox to version 11
      1.1. In order to assure to you you must go to the menu Help > About Firefox (in Apple devices: Firefox menu > About Firefox)
      1.2. To verify that you have version 11 and if it is not thus to update with the button that will appear to you
2. To go to the menu tools > Developer Web > Inspeccionar
3. Down to the right it appears a button that puts 3D

As simple as this. Once you have qualified inspecting Web in 3D you can conduct the following battles:

  • With you shoot with an arrow of keyboard to move to you upwards, down and to the sides.
  • With the wheel of the mouse you can make zoom lens.
  • Making click with the mouse and dragging you can turn the Web on his own axis.


You enjoy!

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