Entrepreneurs in the days of crisis

Published 27-04-2012

I am glad much to follow in touch with entrepreneurs, to see new projects, to see new ideas. Despite I have to say that I have seen a fall worse than the one of the IBEX35 as far as illusion and enthusiasm. This is due to a great extent and as it is obvious to the crisis.


Every week I see several blind that lowers, but also see some that rise, and not only that, in addition there are them are much successful with his businesses.

As one comments, €œwhen the world cries, somebody desire money selling handkerchiefs€.

The crisis generates needs, new niches of market, new opportunities. It is there where the good entrepreneur and good visionary must be kind and to remove party to the situation.

You do not do just like it does everybody because most probable it is than you crash as most of the world is doing. You must look for innovating and creative projects, that surprise mainly and that is useful.

You intention to that you throw yourselves to the swimming pool, but that yes, to look before if there is water, to put the puntita of I cheeped in the swimming pool, to find out if the water is cold, the PH and the coarse acidity€¦ of metaphors, I mean that you make a little study of market before sending itself to mount a company. To look if your product/service can be successful, to make surveys between your friendly, to people that you do not know the street, cold door, to make a maneuvers of company, product and/or service during some weeks. You try, and if the thing seems to go well, ahead.

It is more, to several institutions that free or by very low costs offer advising to companies. Take advantage of it, because those institutions have much experience and they will be able to advise to you. You will not be single, will be people who understand to you and she understands to you in this way that can get to be so rewarding.

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