How work does the positioning in Google?

Published 22-10-2012

All good retailer, professional or businessman who have a webpage wish that she leaves in the first positions of Google. Often, many doubts arise of how the positioning and in what works consists. 

 It turns out quite complex to explain briefly what it deals with without leaving of side some important details. I hope that this explanation you can solve some doubts:

The positioning:

It consists of making leave a webpage in the first results the finders by certain key words.

The set of words is understood by keyword that a person at the time of looking for uses. For example, €œBarcelona restaurants€ would be a keyword, €œelectricians in Madrid€ would be another one.

It is oriented to obtain good results in Google, because it is the finder that approximately uses a 95% of the internauts in Spain. The work that is also made for Google can is used for other finders as Bing, Yahoo, etc.

If one is not able to arrive at front page it does not serve don't mention it.

A Web is positioned in the organic€ or €œnatural€ results called €œof Google. These results are the Webs that Google considers that they will give satisfactory information to the person who is realising a search.

Results are considered to consider those connections of the page of results of Google that are announcements (bottom color cinnamon arrives of everything or the Column right), neither results of maps, images, products of Google Shopping or other results that can appear is that do not comprise of the 10 central Webs with white bottom that there is in each page of results.

Screen of example of results


It is a competition, everybody wants to be on the front page, because if is obtained the Web gains visits that are podrian to turn into clients.

The one that has been more time competing to be on the front page takes advantage, but it is possible to be pillaged to him.

Once achieved the objective, for example to be on the front page, 3 things can happen: that the Web even more raises positions (in very few occasions), that the Web stays (the habitual thing) or that the Web loses positions (he is not stranger that pass). That a thing happens or another one will depend basically on the competition. As it commented at the outset, the positioning is a competenci³n, as a race, if your you stop running and the other follow, will advance to you. If positions are lost and they are desired to recover, it can be made returning to work the positioning.

There are two factors that cannot be controlled: the work is coverall oriented to a platform search that is Google, this platform search is independent of the company that realises the positioning, can realise changes or make decisions that cannot be controlled. The other factor is the competition; if of blow 50 companies of the competition begin to position themselves the results will much more cost to obtain.

It is a laborious work from which immediate results cannot be obtained, it requires his time. As saying is already had, if you are others have been more time than, is necessary to reach them.

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