FacturaSync: integration Web Store Online with FacturaPlus

Published 02-11-2012

Sensational! We have managed to integrate the information of the FacturaPlus with a Store Online.


One of the majors breakers of e-commerce is the management of stock, the orders and the invoices. In NonStop-Press we have managed to create FacturaSync, a program of synchronization and integration between Facturraplus and a store online.



The Program of synchronization connects so much the data base in DBF of the FacturaPlus as the data base in MySQL of the Web, and allows to interchange data between and both.

The project was laborious and lasted a little more a month, because the data base of FacturaPlus is manageable and very little accessible. However, we obtained the synchronization of successful form being able to share the Web and the program of management information as articles, families, orders, the most important stock and, the invoices.

In addition, for the management of stock, FacturaSync has the possibility of executing the synchronization every 5 minutes, therefore it is possible to be sold in store and online with the same stock diminishing the probability of you unsquare.

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