Use of the navigators Web in 2012

Published 15-02-2013

Google Chrome: if almost a year ago already we announced that it happened ahead to Firefox as used navigator more, during the 2012 has been unmarked more and more of its main competitor, arriving to be used by almost a 50% of the internauts worldwide.

Mozilla Firefox: being even lost enough positions during the 2012, it continues being one of the favorites and most trustworthy.

Internet Explorer: it follows its long reduction during years, arriving to be placed below the threshold of 20% of use. To see when Microsoft re-invents its navigator, it does that renderice according to the standards and that are autoactualizable.

Safari and Operates: they continue happening quite unnoticed for the internauts, thanks to the devices Apple Safari still survives a little.


Probably the tendencies that we see are those that follow during the 2013, unless some of their developers do something unexpected.

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