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Published 14-04-2013

What are the Supplies Flash? You can see an example in

For the proprietors of eCommerce it is the best form to eliminate stock quickly, for the users is a great opportunity to find gangues in Internet.

The supplies flash consist of putting at the disposal of the buyers a certain amount of stock of products to a price much more reduced of the habitual thing by a period of limited time. The great salesmen are able to remove from this form volumes of stock, and the buyers can acquire products to some prices much more reduced of the habitual thing.


It would not know to say when they began to realise supplies flash in Stores Online, but is clear that a flexion point marked it Privalia, Web that based its model of business on offering supplies with great discounts during a time limited the users, allowing that great brands of clothes could eliminate stock and to sell great volumes of products in just a short time.

With the passage of the years the supplies flash have become a practice than habitual in Internet. Now, we have incorporated them in the Web of TeDormimos. The first lot of products is already available, but you remember, only until the 15 of April of 2013.

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