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Published 19-04-2013

What comfortable and useful one is to be able to ask your doubts on a Web through a chat system.

If you enter a webpage with a chat system and then there is some administrator of the Web connected €œto the other side€, in case some doubt arises to you you will be able to solve it easily.


For the user who visits the Web is a very comfortable and rewarding experience. For the proprietor of the Web is an opportunity very good for closing sales and for obtaining new clients.

If the fact that visits your Web assimilates a little that they visit your physical store or your showroom, now with an integrated chat the experience will be much greater. You will be able to have to a commercial one taking care of the consultations of the visits, and is more, you with them even can see whichever people is connected in your webpage at any moment and to initiate a conversation.

In Proogres: to already several months ago we implemented this system and recently we have implemented it in the Web of

And you? Already you have a chat in your Web? Ll¡manos to 93 537 54 83 or opens a chat to us if you find us connected; )

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