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Published 12-06-2013

What are the Favicon

Originally they were an Icon of the Favorite pages Webs that Internet Explorer 6 kept.

At the moment one is an icon that can accompany to a webpage and it is in the bar of directions and/or the eyelash of the webpage according to the navigator who is used.

What formats support

All the navigators support to the format .ico with a size of 16x16 p­xels.

Some navigators are home to also use formats GIF and png


Png and GIF funionan with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Operates. We have tried in a format of 64x64px, formats inferiors also work (advisable 16, 32 and 64px squared).

ICO, works in all the navigators (testeado with IE 8, 9 and 10), we have proven a format of 32x32px


For png:

<link rel= " icon€ href=€ /favicon.png€ type= " image/png€/>

For GIF:

<link rel= " icon€ href=€ /favicon.gif€ type= " image/GIF€/>

For ICO:

<link rel= " icon€ href=€ /favicon.ico€ type= " image/x-icon€/>

How to create a Favicon

The easy option is to use this service online in that you raise a png, GIF or JPG and creates .ico to you of 16x16 or 32x32: http://tools.dynamicdrive.com/favicon/

Another option is to use a publisher of icons as the Icon Composer in MAC or Windows the secret publisher of icons who comes by defect Eudcedit (home, to execute, you write eudcedit and to accept) or the Publishing Icon or the 2 Image Icon Converter.

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