Interview to the president of Starbucks

Published 25-03-2014

Very good interview to the president of Starbucks that speaks on values, philosophy of company, comradeship. It gives a series of very good lessons that they can serve so much at personal level as enterprise.

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President and delegated Advisor of Starbucks Coffe Company.

10 Keys of the enterprise success of Starbucks.

1. Mission

For me the mission is to create a type of different company, a brought back to consciousness company, and in many senses the type of company in which my father did not have the occasion to work.

So, we are 200,000 employees anywhere in the world and fodder that our mission was to create a company that had balance between yield and benevolence where everybody shared the success.

And that was the vision that tapeworm me father.

2. Alma

When I enter a Starbucks, since now there is a rate and a poetry in which it is passing around the experience and for me that has a natural life, a natural soul.

When€¦ Real Madrid, the team I went to a party and I saw 80,000 people singing two hours that was soul.

It is an incredible passion and a shared thought.

He is something that you cannot invent or falsify, must be authentic.

3. Faith

I believe that the leadership is to create a vision in which people can believe and turn involved.

But, if you are a great leader and you force to people to believe is not sustainable you cannot dictate to people in which it must believe.

It must arrive as a result of a common understanding and which is the objective and what it implies for them.

In the convention of New Orleans in front of 10,000 people the question was: We are going to go to us of New Orleans after 3 or 4 days with 10,000 person believing because I say it or because they want it to do?

It was a success because 10,000 people left there absolutely given with passion and conviction in which we were going to do.

4. Impulse

Nonmemory why I signed my first letter with the word €œimpulse€.

But we found the first letter, that it dates from 1986, I create.

Memory what made me sign the letter with that word but from that moment I did not continue doing it: each letter was of €œimpulse€.

But it is the suitable word. It implies progress, advance, and it is a positive word.

5. Connection

Everything what surrounds Starbucks means human connection and humanity.

I believe that it is an excellent word in the present world because everybody is hungry of human contact.

Also you are related to the confidence you do not want to connect with somebody or something that you do not trust.

You must have confidence or the relation will not be sustainable and the company could not be successful.

You ask me for the connection, but in fact one is to construct and to generate confidence in the others.

6. Experience

Any salesman is a retailer as Lorenzi in Milan, understands that he is not only selling a product, but creating a experience that becomes reality.

IPad is a product whose experience connects emotionally with the idea name brand of Apple.

Samsung, Motorola and Dell are sending new lighter equipment, but they do not produce the same sensation because we have a relation with the company, the company transmits sense to the product.

It is very difficult to obtain but we return to the experience, the emotional connection and the confidence that you have in which the brand represents.

7. Innovation

The innovation is it everything.

But not only it supposes to innovate facing the consumer, but also in the values and the culture of the company.

Any business nowadays is technological company, mass media or even Starbucks.

Any business must recognize that the €˜status quo€™ is not a formula of success for the future and must leave the €˜status quo€™ to a side and to wish almost €œto cannibalize to you€ because if you do not do it, your competitors will end up eating to you and for that reason you must force to you €œto re-invent to you€.

As much inside as outside your company, because innovation is everything. The innovation must adjust to the philosophy of your company is not to innovate to innovate but it must be consequent with the reputation and the values to which you aspire.

8. Talent

It is so important to construct to the class of equipment as the experience and understanding of his specific areas.

Nevertheless, when you bring to somebody of outside must have the talent and the mentality to share the values and the culture of the company.

It don't mention it does not serve to contract which only has talent if their values are not consistent.

It is as an equipment; you can contract a fantastic player, but he is not an equipment player can mark many goals, but the equipment is not going to win.

I believe that it is important to maintain the tension constantly although you have the best equipment but that equipment must be consisting of a series of values and the confidence so that the equipment works.

It is important only not to think about which already you have; there is many talent there outside and we want to be the best equipment than we can get to be.

9. Internet

In the last two years there has been a seismic change in the behavior of the consumers.

First by the economic situation, but mainly so that the height of the social networks.

€œWe are hyperconnected€ as a result of this.

I felt that if Starbucks wanted to be very excellent in the world we had to invest and to be very efficient to understand the dynamic ones of the social networks.

Today we are the first brand of consumption on Facebook and Twitter we clocked on and off to Sheryl Sandberg for our advice of administration that is nº2 of Facebook to help to understand us how to move us in that surroundings.

Now we are receiving called from greatest and respected companies of the USA to see with us how we can help this matter.

We have made a significant investment in the last 2-3 years and it has really helped to construct to brand and confidence us online.

10. The American dream

The American dream is not exclusive of the USA must be possible for everybody does not matter from where you come, rich or poor you must have fantastic opportunities at your life.

Nevertheless, you must put to you in situation to win, what means this?

You must have good education.

To surround to you by people who are more intelligent than you people with same the values and must have the sufficient curiosity to see the things that others do not see and the value to persecute them.

Also I tell him to the young people who do not leave anybody says to them that their dreams cannot become reality.

In fact, I advise to them that they think to the great thing, and after that, that still thinks greater.

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