Web for company of Reforms

Published 25-04-2014

We presented our last project to you realised Web: a webpage €œresponsive€ for a company of reforms. We have worked with a very clear design and €œfullwidth€, which gives to the Web a very modern and elegant air him.



After long time, we have returned to our origins and we have realised this Web with Joomla. After selecting a good one it soles there are it customized completely so that it defers much from the original one. This we have obtained yet what we think that is a Web of a very high quality (as if was done 100% to size) but to a price of Web done with group, which gives to a relation very good quality/price.

The Web consists of 4 main sections and 7 subparagraphs, between which there is text, static photos and several galleries of images.

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