You know MailChimp?

Published 06-10-2014

The one of footers in e-mails of publicity. You haven't phelp attention? Many post office of publicity arrive to you with a signature that puts €œMailChimp€. If you pay attention, those post office always arrive well (without broken photos nor unsquared texts) and in addition every time people use it the more.

But what is?

One is simple and practical a platform of massive shipment of e-mails that allows to realise shipments to thousands of subscribers of a very comfortable form.

Whatever it has e-commerce, blog or any type of Web with many registered users, already will know the difficult thing that it is to send e-mails massive and who in addition they are seen well in all type of webmails and mail managers (gmail, hotmail, yahoo, Microsoft Outlook, Mail of Mac, managers of mail in the mobile€¦).

It makes thing of a month that we have begun it to use for a client, and the truth is that it is a wonder.

What advantages offer MailChimp?

The truth is that it makes cry of joy seeing his ease of use and all functionalities. Some technical knowledge make lack, that yes, but with a little understanding of the world true wonders can be done of which I will try to emphasize some:

  • Massive import of subscribers by means of archives CSV.
  • Massive import by means of direct synchronization with some of the CRMs and other platforms as Zendesk, salesforce, Google Contacts and many more.
  • Creation of customized fields during the import (the best thing).
  • Filtrate in the bulletin shipment using the fields standard, customized and the crossings among them.
  • Statistical pursuit of e-mails that has been opened and the links that have been clicado (brutal).
  • Use of templates responsive for the bulletin shipment.

And there are more advantages€¦ now I am going to look at the manual to me of his API to synchronize in real time the subscribers of e-commerce with MailChimp. Wish luck me.

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