10 benefits of the virtual stores for SMEs

Published 08-10-2014

The new technologies have shown the power that can get to offer to companies and SMEs expensive to find new clients in the network, and also to extend the image of the brand. Internet offers a countless number of possibilities to any company and almost of any sector and is worth the trouble, today more than ever, to have them in account.

For example, the small stores of district are seen in the obligation surpass the old scheme of employee €“ showing €“ client with so adapting to the 21st century. Now, to offer its products or services through the network can cause that these arrive at any point of the country, and even to the foreigner, to gain nonlocal clients and therefore to obtain more benefits.

A mouth something as well as mouth beyond which usually it happens in the districts. A much more global mouth mouth. A virtual store for pymeses one of the options with more projection de futuro at present and these are 10 of his (undeniable) benefits:

1. More public. Every day hundreds of million people they are connected to Internet and to contract a virtual store for a business can take to multiply the clients online, beyond the physicists.

2. Opened 24 hours. A virtual store is open the 24 hours of the day, surpassing the logical hour barrier that it has a physical store. To be able to buy from where it is wanted and when it is wanted, he is another one of his benefits.

3. Good image. To have a virtual store for a SME helps to have good image, the one of a company brought back to consciousness with the new adapted technologies and to the new times.

4. New suppliers. Why not to obtain synergies with suppliers of your sector and to offer related products and to share benefits? One is not about competition, but union.

5. Greater comfort. Until for the local consumer, a virtual store him can be benefit. It does not have because to move, nor to depend on schedules. It raises, it knows the store and already it buys with total knowledge.


6. To solve doubts. To contract a virtual store for SMEs also means to be in touch with a greater number of people and to take care of its doubts, face to offer a more customized service.


7. Control of stock. To have a virtual store also help to the small business to verify what products are more successful and power to thus organize with greater pressure the orders to the manufacturers or suppliers.

8. Supplies and promotions. They are the products to which first the clients pay attention. Usually he is something habitual to offer discounts for purchases realised through the virtual store fidelizar to the client.

9. Complementary information. To open a virtual store in Internet helps to present to us more. Help to offer information regarding the company and to approach us the client.

10. It does not increase expenses. The expenses regarding opening a virtual store usually are amortized in just a short time and the expenses of the shipments are small, therefore it does not suppose a great extra cost for the small store or the SME at issue.

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