Tendencies in design Web for 2015

Published 23-10-2014

The sector of the design Web is, always in the heat of movement. New tendencies, other that recover, improvement of certain techniques€¦ and other that, due to the request of the own clients and users, get to mark the current trends in design.

The 2015 anticipate exciting in the field of the design Web. And it is that, these are some of the tendencies mightier than we will have to consider€¦

- Great images. One of the tendencies Web for 2015 it will be the use of great images that marked so much home as each one of the pages in which a webpage is compound. At the time of creating a Web, the client must know that the great photographies that get to occupy all the HOME are going to be the protagonists.

- The protagonism of scroll. Back they were the classic bellboys to happen from a part to another one of the Web. To contemplate sites by means of the movable devices, also is going to influence in the use of scroll to sail through the information that has a webpage.

- To maximize the SEO. No longer it is only worth with paying to Google Adwords. The companies are every day more obsessed with the natural positioning by means of words or expressions SEO. That there is little useful text but will be the key. Concerning programming, the SEO will have more to be than important. And to also include a blog with original entrances.

- Videos to all screen. Or an image to all screen or a video can be chosen. This is another one of the tendencies Webs for 2015. Image of a modern Web, in movement, vibrant and activates. The videos, that yes of quality, are important part for this new year.

- Minimalism. And also in the letters. And it is that already in 2014, we have been able to observe a tendency in design quite important Web. The less better decoration and how many the less letters also. A Web, yes or yes, must be attractive and visually better to sin by defect than by excess. The minimalist design and that it urges the imagination of the visitor will be one of the keys for the 2015. Either the use of letters with serif, does not use the simplest typographies.

- Computer graphics. If the images will be great, the computer graphics also will rob space to the text. Realised good computer graphics can summarize in a small image a great amount of text.

- Responsive Web Design. The increase in the consumption of Internet by means of the movable devices will continue increasing the concept of Responsive Web Design in 2015. That is to say, the creation of pages Webs that can perfectly be visible by means of these new equipment. And it is that, for example, the HTML5 allows an excellent experience for the users and in addition without the cost to develop a App for each device.

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