The importance of the reputation of the companies in the network

Published 29-10-2014

There are companies that are mistaken if they think that the social networks are not important for the development of their activity. And it is that the proverb already says it €œwho are not, do not exist€. But not only it is important to be in them, also to control the reputation of the company in Internet thanks to €œsporadic trackings€ to see that it is shelp of us in Internet

The presence of the companies in the social networks is increasing. Facebook, Twitter or Instagram have turned out to be an authentic revolution at the time of communicating to us with our known friendly or around the world but for the companies, the social networks also have supposed an almost vital way to communicate to their followers the new features of their products, the news of the company or simply to interact with these, in addition to occurring to know more people of a practically gratuitous form.

At present until the most modest SME it looks for his site in the social networks. It gives just like it is a well-known fashionable company, of feeding or of sale of cars, also it can be a jewelry shop, a consultancy, a stationery store or a local restaurant, all at the moment make use of the social networks to extend his customer and to take care of more to his followers, becoming familiar with these giving to an image of interactivity and movement. In the present economic conjuncture and with the brutal competition in, practically, all the commercial and enterprise sectors, to have presence on line in the social networks is vital.

Some companies think that its business sufficiently has a based customer as not worrying about the social networks or that their clients are not of whom they use them, nevertheless if the competition it takes to these as a method to gain followers, confidence and gratuitous publicity, can simply gain market share with a click and thanks to the mouth mouth.

Google, forums, chats€¦ not only in the social networks we can verify if our company has good or bad fame. In order to evaluate the reputation in Internet it is necessary to track from time to time the name of the company in the main finders and to see where, how and because they speak of us in these sites. To discover that we are disconnected of the world online can to cause that it gives us signal of because our sales have fallen, that there is of certain in the rumors that does not put us in a good place€¦ is either necessary to obsess itself in this way, but to have it in account (an option is to create alert in google with the name of our company and negative words so that it warns to us of when something bad of us is published). Also we can discover if somebody is damaging our unfounded reputation and our honor some and to take legal actions that help to repair the caused damage us.

Really, in the days of crisis and from ferocious competition, the reputation of the companies in Internet and the social networks becomes vital to obtain a greater repercussion and, also, gratuitous publicity where to obtain major number of followers, arriving at new clients and obtaining, in this way, majors sales or, as minimum, to conserve those that we have. The social networks are not the panacea of the success, nor return rich to the companies that follow an active policy in them but, nevertheless, can make increase a % him of their sales and, mainly, hold their position in the market. Not to appear in Internet and these networks is synonymous of not existing and since it is existed that better than to do being followed it a series of you rule to obtain a good reputation and to listen our clients.

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