More frequent errors of the companies with the SEO

Published 06-11-2014

If a company wants to appear in finders as Google must know two things clearly: to contract a campaign of Google Adwords is already almost one essential task and, on the other hand and even more important, the one to apply of a correct form the SEO in its contents. What is the SEO? They are the abbreviations of Optimization Search Engine and make reference to the optimization of the content of the pages Webs so that this one is recognized in the first places when a person realises a search in particular in the finders. An optimization that is realised in two-way traffic. On the one hand internal with the improvement of the contents, of the techniques in the code, the accessibility€¦ and, on the other, search the notoriety of the Web by means of links.


Nevertheless, there are companies that always commit a series of errors, often without being conscious of it and surely by ignorance in the matter, and that obtains the opposite effect: not to raise in the finders and even to be advanced by the competition that yes apply to well certain resources and parameters SEO. To trust professionals in SEO is the best option to avoid failures. These are some of the errors more frequent than they commit the companies in the SEO:

1. The SEO it can do any. To think this is a great error. As in any matter or it disciplines, the SEO also requires of some knowledge that the experts and/or students in the matter will only know to apply. It is not only to fill up a page of keywords and, therefore, it cannot do anyone in the company.

2. Results in the short term. To optimize a webpage to SEO is not to bet in the short term by a winning horse, requires of investigation, tests, strategies€¦ and the results can take in arriving. It is necessary to have patience with turns in the first positions of the finders.

3. Department of marketing. The SEO and the equipment of marketing of the company must go closely bound. The key words that are used will have to closely go ligatures to the campaigns of marketing and promotion that are realised.

4. Election keywords. The election of the keywords is essential at the time of optimizing a Web to SEO. It is necessary to reject those more generals or than they are chosen by a greater number of companies and to go to by the keywords more specific than they position to us better faster and.

5. The SEO is not a channel of sales. There are companies that think that, like it happens with the social networks, if they do not sell thanks to his investment in SEO is that this it is not working and it can be a serious error. The SEO is not a channel of sales, is a complement more than it must be accompanied of a good commercial law action.

6. Quality of the links. It is not worth any link so that the Web of the company is positioned better, but the quality of these and even the form to also express it account at the time of optimizing a Web for SEO.

7. To include images and videos. This help to the natural positioning of the page of the company. Also text formats are due to use h1, h2, bold, cursive through labels HTML to give format to the Web and to articles. Also to connect to quality articles that they have to do with the content of the company.

8. Update. A company does not have to leave without never updating its webpage because this influences so that, little by little, it stops counting for the SEO and gains the competition. To from time to time optimize texts and, mainly, a section of the news or blogs that help to scale positions.

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