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Published 24-11-2014

In our years of experience developing Webs and positioning in finders as Google for our clients, have passed us many€¦ Very many things with some hostings that although at the time they were an impediment, nowadays no longer are a subject that worries to us much thanks to the experience€¦ 

But in any case, to choose a good supplier hosting is important no longer only for your project Web but also for the experience of your visitors within your portal Web. 


Many of our clients usually arrive with hosting phelp to us in their annual rate already€¦ We who always we looked after the client, in these cases focused all our resources to develop a project in the servant who our client contract. But€¦


Because it is important to decide hosting well?

A simple Web that this written in language HTML5 and that does not count on a dynamic data base, by rule usually does not need many resources. Nevertheless to have a service of hosting that worries to update and to maintain the system is very important. Imagine to you that you have a form of contact in language PHP and that therefore it lacks some update in this type of language, mails do not arrive to you€¦ These losing clients. 

And if you have 50,000 don't visits to the day and your hosting hold it? That of only the 50,000 half can have a experience in your totally genuine portal€¦ Also you are losing money. 

Thousands of companies in the world that offer this service, but of which exist almost 75% of the contracted ones, are in the United States, and this for a simple reason, these are cheaper by the low cost of their equipment, connection to Internet and by the ample bandwidth that allows a greater speed them in comparison to other foreigners. 

Here we left to a comparator on main hostings Webs you


  • First ask to you: Which is the function that my webpage is going to have with my clients?
    Rpta: If your page only goes to be informative, bony, you will only show what beams in 5 or 6 sub pages, accompanied by a form so that they contact to you, you do not need much space. Generally these types of sites occupy between the 8 and 15 megas to much. Then you need a basic plan hosting. (he remembers that your post office are aside from your webpage and also occupy the same space).
  • If your website will work as a blog which you will periodically feed with articles accompanied by images and own videos, they ten in account that your demand of space will be increased gradually, then you can begin with a small space and as you need more you can be negotiating with your supplier of hosting.
    You only need a basic plan. (he also remembers that you can free have lodging in WordPress and Blogspot)
  • But you think to implement a great dynamic portal, in which many navigators will enter to consult as well as the portals that use the ONG's, the schools, those that sell cars, specialized houses, forums, unloading of light informative materials as archives pdf, photos, etc. You will have to decide on a service of hosting of the limitless type, who will be giving more space to you in the measurement which you need more. Present Ten that stops these types of sites not only is necessary the space, but also the bandwidth (Speed in which is your information) that an important role plays.
  • In case you need to implement a virtual store to sell by Internet, it is important that your hosting owns a dedicated IP (real address), the companies Visa, Mastercard, among others, force to that the sale website owns a real address so that you can use his platforms of transaction in line. Generally one dedicated IP costs an average of 25 to 45 dollars additional at the cost of hositng.
  • If you are going to create a mega portal in which you will offer constant information as social network, mass media (type Hi5, Linkedin, etc) with thousands of users to the day, Intranet/extranet for university institutions, or a portal to unload programs, etc. You need definitively your own servant, which you can rent way online with some company been unidense or to buy one and to install it in your office, the advantage of this is that, the space that has your hosting own will depend on you, also you will be able to create limitless data bases and you will not have restrictions as far as aplicativos. You only must consider the security, a good anti-virus for server, firewalls for server, a Dedicated IP, among others.
  • And finally if you need to transmit audio or live video, you needed a Streaming service obligatorily since these contain the support of hardware, software and necessary bandwidth to emit content in real time.

From NonStop-Press - Development Web Terrassa we recommended to you that before choosing your supplier of services, you analyze the market to know it. If you have some doubt in your project Web or want to improve it, ponte in touch with us. 

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