Catching eMails Without Dying In the Attempt

Published 24-11-2014

Most important (and complicated) at the time of starting up an email strategy marketing it is to obtain subscribers to whom to send information on your company, supplies and new features.

Many clients usually bring their own data base to us of email that has obtained, but sometimes this is not as good as the client imagined reason why we must act consequently. 

First that you must know clearly it is that, so that an email action marketing works, you must have the permission of these subscribers to send information to them.

How you obtain it? Giving some benefit them. Give exclusive information to them as access to a course online; perm­teles to use temporarily some application;  invite to them to that they subscribe to your newsletter to receive your last news; it asks for the email in exchange for participating in a contest of Facebook or offers a bond to them of discount to exchange by some of your products or services.

The objective is to secure a qualified hearing: people who really have shown their interest in your business and on that you can obtain a real and measurable impact, that is translated in more sales. But€¦ Taken care of!

Danger to be Spam

A danger that you must swear in carefully is the one to become Spam. If the sending direction becomes recognized source of Spam, it will cost to you to clear that name to you€¦ Tricks and techniques exist to avoid it. If beams you yourself the shipments of your first campaigns, point these two advice to you to arrive direct at the inboxes:

- You do not send an only mail to more than 50 adressees, divides it in the shipments that are necessary. And by all means, ponlos to all in hidden copy.

- You do not send attached archives that weigh much, and avoids the pdf, especially those that they have more of a mega.

From our headquarters of Terrassa and after debating deeply with the programmers, the CEO and the team of marketing of our PonteM¡sFuerte neighbors (If same who sell sport sumplementos€¦ All good) the conclusion is that the email marketing becomes a perfect ally for the brands as far as pick up of clients we talked about. We will only have search to offer something different from the competition, a supply that our prospectus puts in value, in addition to being always careful with the personalisation of the message and with the periods of time in which we retook the contact with the hearing. 

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