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Published 01-12-2014

It has been spoken much of the actions of digital marketing as SEO, I connect sponsored, social email marketing, networks, etc. Nevertheless, little is shelp in the integration of these actions for a better return for the client.

It is evident that, for the small businesses is very complicated to think about integration, since to actions even isolated without money. But the proprietors of small businesses even must think about a form to extend a little their glance and to see digital marketing as a whole and not only as isolate actions.

SEO Vs. Links sponsored in social Means

We suppose that a company (in its B2C majority) contract for a site, an agency of optimization and I connect sponsored to begin to promote its products. Good this is a home! Nevertheless, many people when they look for in Google, before closing the purchase, will look for sources to assure that the product is of quality or that the company has good reputation.

Many of these people go to the social networks to be safe. If company has participation mediocre in networks social, more probable it is than visitor that came from Google (which they were the real cost to take it), it does not realise a purchase or request of quote (our obetivo in NonStop-Press for your business). You are losing money!

Action of integrated digital marketing

Because it is important that the integrated actions of digital marketing we are going to invest the positions now. A company is investing strongly in the product promotion in the social networks.

A visitor sees a product in the social network and is interested. It goes to its site, observes the price and looks for more information on the matter. But he decides to go to another place to compare. 

When he goes to Google to make the investigation, he is to his competitors and not you€¦ Unconsciously the people have created a culture where €œthe companies that are on the front page of Google, are the market references.€ So if you are not there, she does not have to be important€¦ Peculiar?


Whenever it is possible creates strategies that integrate the tactics of digital marketing. Even if it uses less money in each, do it! Its return of the investment will be far better that the isolate actions.

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