A App or WebApp for City councils

Published 03-12-2014

To invest to a small part of the budget of a city council any of Barcelona or any province of Spain in Tics must be a priority for all corporation that boasts. And if above that investment falls to an improvement of the information and the quality of life of the neighbors, far better. To contract a Apps or to contract a WebApp, is a good example.


The development of Apps or movable Aplicaciones available in Android mobiles and iOs or to order a WebApp for its better visualization in all the devices from where it is acceded to the network, is an advantage for the citizens and a point to favor on the part of the City council. To contract a Apps and that the citizen can accede to different services of the municipality is synonymous of a city or a brought back to consciousness population 3,0 and with the new technologies. Or to contract a WebApp, a Web in a single column for its visualization in mobile phones, for example, and to offer simplicity and agility to the user to the access to the information.

To what services they can accede the citizens through development of a App or contract a WebApp? Practically to that they are possible to be acceded through the classic Web of the city council. The App or WebApp for city councils in addition, allow a faster interaction of the citizen with the city council in himself.

- To be able to accede last minute to municipal information regarding incidences in the next highways, to special schedules of the services public€¦

- To share information of the municipality reflected in these Apps or WebApp in its own social networks.

- To consult the information on the payment of municipal rates and terms.

- To accede to supplies of locality use.

- Information on the program of celebrations of the municipality.

- Weather information.

- History and curiosities of the municipality.

- To contact directly from the device with the City council. To pose questions and doubts.

- To request appointment in the ambulatory one through these new technologies.

- To renew the book order in the library.

- To be to as much on the formative activities that they are promoted on the part of the town hall.

- To pay taxes of a fast and safe form.


To contract a App for City councils is, really, to contract a new service of direct application for the citizen, and another tendency in design for 2015. An investment of its own taxes to be able to choose to one better relation of this with the city council and its services.

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