What Are the Cookies?

Published 05-12-2014

And thus immediately€¦ Whenever we accede to a Web (that fulfills the law of cookies) it always appears to us (sometimes) an annoying static message or €œMGP-up€ warning to us that this portal uses €œCookies€ with the purpose of to improve your navigation€¦ But, what are the calls cookies?

A Cookie€¦ 

A cookie is a note that a website keeps in your navigator. Its aspect is the one of a small text file.

Cookies typical. To that they do not have anything to do with chocolate cakes?

A navigator can store thousands of them, and they are only read by the website that created them, except when he is plotting cookies, used by the publicity.

And why they serve?

This information is used by the pages of Internet for €œremembering€ what the user came doing, of such form that exists coherence between which it happens from a page to another one. Without cookies, each page would be independent of the other, and would be impossible to make interrelated processes in a sequence of pages.

The cookies can define an expiration date (or of erasure), although in fact the time that is maintained by the navigators depends on the type of cookie which it is.

Types of cookies

  • Of session, that usually is eliminated when the navigator closes himself.
  • Persistent, that stays although the navigator is closed. One stays by a specific time.
  • Safe, that it is a cookie that is only used with HTTPS.
  • Of third parties, that are used mainly for publicized pages, this is: the visited page creates a cookie to name of a publicized page, in case the user decides to visit it.


We will speak in another article it advanced on as a Web, it is more of Terrassa, Madrid or Barcelona (Internet generally) would have to obey this law, reformed we remember year 2013. We in NonStop-Press, worried (and much) in which all our projects Web satisfy the present legal requirements. 

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