8 reasons for which to buy on Facebook €œI like€

Published 10-12-2014

Why doesn't a company have to buy fans on Facebook? in spite of which some black theories and legend aim, buying fans on Facebook or €œI like€ can entail multiple benefits of positioning for a company and by very little money. These are some examples.

Some experts, theories and gurºs of the social average consider that to buy €œI like on Facebook€, that is to say to buy followers in the more popular social network of the world is counter-productive for the same companies in himself. An almost artificial form to increase the number of followers. Nevertheless, we thought opposed and want to demonstrate it with some reasons by which yes to apply a part of the marketing of the company in this action of marketing.

1. Greater reach. To buy followers on Facebook, or the so famous ones €œI like€ has become a quite usual action in the companies. Some of these profiles that are obtained can be of doubtful origin but in fact the result is not false nor empty. When buying I like yes that we arrived at more people and therefore more buying and usuary futures.

2. The great companies do it. And why if they do it don't we think either or perhaps that the great brands with million followers never have bought fans? It has left published as characters public, politicians and brands have increased following thanks to the purchase of fans.

3. Greater notoriety. When contracting a company to buy fans on Facebook is obtained a greater number of followers and the expensive sensation to a user normal outside this €œpurchase€ to be in front of a well-known and interesting company. The numbers draw attention€¦

4. Good form to begin. It is always difficult to begin more in the social networks and since Facebook change the algorithms of reach of publications of companies. A form to begin with the social networks, is the purchase €œlikes€ not to give me the sensation to have few followers.

5. Followers of other countries. The purchase of followers in Facebok also I allow the purchase €œeven likes€ of specific people of a country or region of the specific Planet and of followers who speak a certain language. Without a doubt, a segmented action of marketing as which more.

6. Presentation of a product in particular. To agree the presentation of a product or service in particular with the purchase of €œfollowers€ is a form to give notoriety to the opening and to even arrive at more people. The statistics will thank for it to you.

7. Low cost. To buy fans on Facebook for companies is one of the actions economic than all department of marketing can realise. With a few Euros, thousands of new followers in the page of the company can be reached.

8. Mediatic presence. If what is wanted is publicity of the company by this method, to buy followers on Facebook and to increase the numbers are another option. Habitually they appear listings, top ten and articles of the companies with more followers and therefore more repercussion in social networks in the different sectors, why not it yours?

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