A Client De Called Lujo Luxury Packs

Published 11-12-2014

The equipment of NonStop-Press in collaboration with €œMarti Villalba€ pleases to them in announcing the conclusion to them of a new project of programming Web: Luxury Packs. 

Luxury Packs is a travel agency of luxury that has specialized the last years as it gets hold of receptive. Its philosophy is based on always offering quality and perfectionism. 

Its headquarters are in Terrassa - Barcelona and count on representation in cities of Spain as Madrid and San Sebastian. 

During the design study Web, the client indicated the necessity to us to offer a platform Web that follows the philosophy of the company strictly. Of this form 100% are oriented people who or have dealt with the company, they have his e-Card with its accesses and wish to contract the agency or to be abreast of the new features that this can offer to them. 

The availability multilanguage in the site is important for Luxurypacks, the Spanish and the Chinese is their main markets right now what Web with the same functionalities in two different languages is shaped directly in its new portal. 


From the equipment of NonStop-Press we invited to you to that acc©dais to the new Web of Luxury packs through following connection: http://www.luxurypacks.events/ and if you need some related service, you contact with them in: http://www.luxurypacks.events/es/contacto/

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