Thus no! errors to avoid when choosing a corporative logo

Published 19-12-2014

It is an important decision, the logo of our company is going to be the image that represents to us and this must be chosen of possible the most correct and effective form. Nevertheless, there are companies that decide on impossible and unsuitable designs. This is what there is to avoid.

It is our business card. The image of our company. And there are them, or by ignorance, excess, defect or, simply, to save some Euros, decide to choose the design of a logo that little or has nothing to do with the assignment of the company, or which its design is poor and little effective. Really it is necessary to gamble our image to choose a bad logo? There are things that can be avoided when designing a logo.

For example, to sin by minimalist. There are logos that want to happen so unnoticed or to be so extremely modern that the simplicity of its logo sins by unsubstantial bay and. There are companies that are decided by anodyne and so simple logos that they think that to choose a pair of rays or some that another symbol turns to them into a company trendy. A little imagination!

And just like the companies that sin by excesses and decide to design a logo and that this it becomes a shield of a country almost, with abbreviations, words, drawings€¦ in the end an amalgam of different objects that do recharged the logo of company and brings about the rejection of that sees it.

It is not either necessary to fit the design of the logo of the company to the present fashions. These and more in design, usually are fleeting. A certain typography or an artistic design that one perhaps marks fashionable position and that many companies decide to emulate in their logo. Great error. And, by all means, another error when designing a logo is to emulate or to copy another one although is not of the competition. It defines your personality. I know you yourself and you do not pay attention to any logo by very effective that this is.

To design a logo must be a calculation between the experience of the designer but also the taste of the client, that is necessary to have it in account always very. In addition always it is or that is some object or detail that it has to do with the sector of activity of the company and the color is even important. There are colors that are not used for all the sectors, rules nonwritten that are worth the trouble to trasgredir little but.

And, finally, we must consider different technical questions. For example, to work with logo in format image is another error since these must be realised in format vector as .eps or .ai. This allows to realise climbing of the same without producing distortion or dirt in the image. It is not either necessary to use rasterizadas images, graphical of banks of images or a good typography.

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