5 Tendencies In Social Average In 2015

Published 22-12-2014

Preparing the 2015 already! Our equipment of marketing in line has studied a series of agreements that can spend next year 2015 in refernete to the Social Average! Internet changes and with him we. Wink

1. The social average marketing will have its natural habitat in the social average Although they were born at the time in the traditional devices desktop, the social average have found years in the last its natural habitat in the movable devices.

In 2015 platforms 2,0 will be still more €œmobile- friendly€ and the publicity in these channels will have the view put in the movable devices.

2. Social selling is more and more present in the social networks and the CTA go on sale directed directly direct, of engagement to the Buy Now. The inclusion of the bellboys of purchase in Twitter and, next, the corporative pages of Facebook therefore demonstrates it.

3. The popularity of the brief videos will grow as the foam the brief videos, that find in Vine and Instagram their main platforms of expression, are led to become the most powerful weapon of the €œmarketeros€ in the social average. 

4. The good content in all the platforms in which a company is present continues being fundamental. There is no place for the improvisation nor to center the communication around the company. There is a great hearing hoping to be informed and with desire to receive content that contributes value to him. 

5. Marketing in real time will become the bread of every day of the €œmarketeros€ €œthe marketeras€ campaigns planned long ago months and months ahead. In next the twelve months the brands will be taken off more and more of this old formula to bet by marketing in real time, by campaigns that are sent of a day and a minute for another one based on the present time. 

Finally€¦ An extra: 

6. The analysis and measurement always will be a part very important and to consider. The data will give to the company the key to know if the strategies go in good direction and or if, on the contrary, is necessary to change the design of the strategy and to change the direction that is due to follow.


2015 will be another year in the one more than thematic the social one is very going to be important, as much for great as small businesses. If accounts with a plan of marketing focused in the network, you are not losing a hearing very very very important and that every day grows more and becomes harder. 

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