Instagram, Flickr or Pinterest, with which I remain?

Published 09-01-2015

The social networks have become at present a weapon of as important marketing as a good design Web. And according to the nature of our business we must know how to choose in as to be present. In 2014 they devastated those cradles in the photographies but of all, with which to choose? here we give some advice you. 


The social networks are fashionable and every time with more important in the strategy of marketing of any business by very small that this is. To be able to extend the portfolio of clients and to arrive at all the parts of the world, is only one of its great benefits. And there are them cradles in the photographies because, after all, which we sell is image and products.

Mainly for those companies and businesses that sell products, the social networks based on photographies have become essential and are considered others of the tendencies in social average for 2015. And there are three that handles the greater number of users, Flickr, Pinterest and Instagram. He is positive to be in all? which is better for our business?

He is complicated to choose one among these three social networks with million daily users. And, by all means, it is not a bad idea to have presence in the three but, eye, if he is present, is present. That is to say, to have presence in a social network implies daily work or with some other fixed regularity with the aim of maintaining it lives it. Worse face to the users for the image of a brand is nothing that to have a social but forgotten network.

Instagram is more the social network based on photographies more used with more than 200 million of addict, among them many celebrities and brands. It follows Flickr to him with 75 million, and just behind Pinterest with some nothing despicable 70 million. We showed preference for Instagram?

A priori, Instagram is used and therefore to which more followers we are going to be able to reach. Also the best one is thought to be used from movable devices and allows interesting marks, colors and filters that to apply in each photo and to return it almost professional. But also it presents certain deficiencies as for example, at the time of creating folders by categories that are not so agile, does not allow the catalogue creation of simple form, difficulties at the time of organizing images nevertheless€¦, is used by the brands.

Flickr is very recommendable a social network based on photographies for professional photographers who want to harness the image with all shades. Or what is the same, the photo as the protagonist before the same product. It also offers multitude of tones, effects€¦ nevertheless, is not absolutely thought for being shared in social networks which has decreased its growth. Really, for a SME it would not be the best social network to choose.

And, finally, Pinterest. It prevails in Europe, so if the company wants to include other continents that forget her. She is simplest and that for little familiarized with the new technologies is everything an extra. She is very beneficial for companies, allows to make catalogues for clients, easy to viralizar, to follow the clients who interest€¦ if Flickr is a good option for professionals of the photography, Instagram for positioning name brand, Pinterest to you can work for small and medium businesses perfectly expensive to present their products. 

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