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Published 12-01-2015

Marketing online not only deals with SEO, optimization €œOnPage€, €œCall To Action€ effective, nice visual publicity and of confidence, €œMail Marketing€ and/or €œInboud Marketing€. Although we spoke of each of them in our blog, today we spoke in deep about the €œMarketing of affiliation€.



We are going to explain this with a little more clarity: Basically, the affiliation marketing is constituted by 3 participants, the affiliate, the platform of affiliation and the brand that its service or product publicizes.

  • The affiliate, is added to an affiliation platform that is the intermediary between the brand who publicizes and the website.
  • This platform as or offers to the company in search of publicity online, the fan of sites and blogs affiliates and from the niche of readers or users whom they have, the contractor fixes with the website the commissions or tariffs to pay from the referred activities that this he generates.
  • The brand makes its decision from the specific thematic navigation or that the site offers.

Delay hopes! Before following, this publisher of NonStop-Press - Marketing and Webapps de Terrassa - think that we must define the word €œMarketing of affiliates€. According to Wikipedia (this time yes, is a good definition) the concept is the following one well: 

Marketing of affiliation is a branch of the marketing online that is based on the attainment of results. The companies or websites, called affiliates, are in charge to publicize to the retailers (stores or advertisers) by means of the publication of their announcements or promotions. These affiliates obtain a commission when the user enters his webpage and conducts the certain battle (to give click in banner, registering themselves or to buy). This type of marketing difference especially in the cost perceived by the company. The Cost by action (CPA) allows the advertiser to pay only by each one of the users who conduct the certain battle and not by campaign.

Well now that we have it€¦ We follow, so that the Marketing of affiliation works must fulfill certain very important characteristics: 

  • To give with the suitable niche that offers affiliation programs. Don't mention it bond that bandage a service of hosting as ours if your you are speaking in your blog/Web of stores online of sofas or travel agency€¦ Basic, no?
  • To have the confidence of your readers. Another key point€¦ I know good writing, acquires the confidence of the consumer, ponte in his place€¦ Your recommendations influence in their decision, if this one is not appropriate€¦ The reader will have reasons to protest, and this€¦ Blog becomes viral in your Web/. 
  • The recommendation, if he is manually very many better. People are tired to see banners and publicity by all sides, has learned to sail ignoring this publicity. Reason why, the best thing, is than to your readers you stimulate them with good content, good articles, a clear and concise reading. She But without abusing is sold. If it is interested, create to us, your reader will conduct the battle to traverse yours where he interests to you, and the best thing, if you are good, will thank to you€¦ ;) 

 So you already know, these points (certainly by the network ten in account you find more, continues documenting to you, we recommended it to you from Terrassa, remembers that you can consult our list of services if you look for to maximize your platform of sale€¦ Or any other thing that you create opportune. ;) 

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