How to turn a content into viral

Published 14-01-2015

It is the dream of many brands and companies, that a content developed or tie to her becomes viral, it manages to multiply his reach and it in this way popularizes the name or certain product of the company at issue. How to obtain it? There are some keys here.

At the time of turning into a content in viral, in many occasions this one is an authentic surprise for the company in himself. For example, a video by some special characteristic or its content, can get to break record in reproductions or times that shares in social networks or through other channels of instantaneous mail Whatsapp type.

Also due to the quality of a certain article, or by the content that he contains it can get to become viral. Sometimes, the socio-economic circumstances also influence in it. And suddenly, certain content elaborated in the past becomes in a while certain viral content of the present.

But there are brands that know how to construct to a viral content and these they are some keys. For example, the presence of a famous character who can even seem strange as far as his entailment to the brand. The peculiarity of a video of these characteristics can be contained viral and to popularize the brand to which he is tie famous at issue one in this recording.

Also there are brands that choose to help to that the reach of its brand especially multiplies thanks to a music, easy to remember, to pegadizas syntonies and easy letters that they become viral and repeated immediately time and time again by the great public. Perhaps and the brand remains even tie to that €œcancioncita€ during decades.

Another key to make a viral content is to even choose for being very original and sometimes until friki. Strange announcements, rare videos, easy humor€¦ are some of the options to get to turn something into viral. And for the most sophisticated companies, mysterious teasers where they let to the public hoping know what hides behind them. Teasers impressive, of fear or suspense that can get to be viral.

Other forms to turn content into viral: to play with the sensible side of the people with touching announcements, to be original and to realise a video in a certain sector that never had been seen€¦ Really, aposta or by surprise the viral content usually is a very beneficial weapon for enterprise marketing.

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