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Published 22-01-2015

Before home to speak on the email marketing and as I can help to this a your company, you would have to consider the following facts on the e-mail by which it must have a good data base of emails and a focused strategy to mail marketing.


  •  The email is 40 times more effective than the social networks as means to obtain clients.
  •  The sales by email are realised 3 times faster than in the social networks.
  •  60% of the marketing professionals affirm that they obtain a positive ROI of the email marketing.

The importance of the subject

A way to improve your strategy of email marketing is to pay more attention to him to your subjects. Although many advice exist to write up subjects, is no a universal formula that ensures the success, so this one is another element that you can prove in your tests A/B.

Generally, your subjects must be most specific possible, avoid topical words of the Spam and breathe an air of exclusive feature and urgency in the time.

Content: the king of your newsletter

You include excellent content in your campaigns of email marketing? Or rather, what is contained excellent? We speak of thematic with the capacity to contribute €œsomething more€ to your readers €“ for it is essential to know them well. If you send emails to them that does not interest to them, they will be terminated and you will lose them for always.

It thinks well about the frequency of your shipments, because although you offer value contents, it is not necessary to send it every day. Many we do not have time to read so many post office and others simply do not want to be bothered on a daily basis.

And speaking of time €“ you do your messages short and easy to read. The best thing is than your emailings only includes the most explanatory and complete key points and texts in landing page of each.

Give a empujoncito him

Many superficially read emails, very fast or while they are thinking about another thing, thus you must let very clearly where click and to where it is going to take each click to them. Yes, I am speaking of the bellboys call-to-action.

Your email has not been marked as Spam (well), the adressee has opened it () and in addition he has clicked in your connection very well (excellent). It is necessary to stop thinking that the thing is ended opening the shipment, is an important stage but your objective is to take your hearing to the action.

The bellboys call-to-action sufficiently must be showy as standing out in the content of your message and summarizing landing perfectly page to which redirige. A simple connection in the text is not as visible as to attract the attention of our subscribers.

Worry you about your list about mails

If there is something in which it is worth the pain to invest when we spoke of marketing online, is without a doubt in email marketing. As much Google remembers that, as Facebook and other social networks or sites where to create campaigns of advertising never they will be to the 100% under your control. From one day to the next they can change the rules of the game and to leave you was.

However, if you have invested in the generation of a list of quality subscribers, really interested in your products and services, you will always be your the one that has the control of the channel and the message.

It remembers that by our part, we can design your campaign to you of pick up of mails, execution and audit of mail campaigns marketing. Ponte in touch with us. 

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