10 errors in the design Web for entrepreneurs

Published 23-01-2015

To choose the most suitable design Web of our company never is easy and more if you are enterprising and you have thousands and one ideas in the head that you want to shape in your page. To be kind to the recommendations of your designer Web and to avoid these errors they are the key for your project begins with good foot.


At the time of undertaking any project or business, designing a webpage is essential and here you are right different to undertake a webpage. Site of our company must have an attractive design, intuitive and that shapes the spirit of our project. Nevertheless, at the time of choosing a design Web for entrepreneurs, the ideas crowd and can complicate the starting of the same. These are the things that there are to avoid.

1. Hosting. It is necessary to choose hosting suitable for the design of pages Webs for entrepreneurs. Hosting for an informative Web is not the same as can be the one of a consultant's office, that stops a Web where products are sold. The space and the capacity of the webpage are essential.

2. To be based on other pages. When initiating your site, is recommendable that you throw a glance by Internet and you write down yourself that designs like you to communicate it to your designer Web. One is not to copy but to be based or to be inspired by a design that will put the easy things at the time of taking with the project Web.

3. You do not sin of original. In the design Web for entrepreneurs, these usually sin of original and, sometimes, they can get to even sin of too original and with incredible ideas. The simple thing remembers, and elegant it is what prevails.

4. Your personality. Your webpage of entrepreneurs must shape the personality of your webpage. The election of the colors and the photographies must be chosen conscientiously. It is the image of your company!

5. Interactive catalogues. If your project Web as enterprising one is based on the sale, you must include a catalogue Web for sales yes or yes. Catalogues that allow to include photographies, sounds, effects in 3D€¦ of your products that will help you in the sale. Not to include them is an error.

6. Not to have social networks. An error in the design Web for entrepreneurs, is not to include the connections to the social networks of the company or the project. At the moment, these are part than more important in the marketing of any project.

7. Taken care of with the changes. He is not that well to be changing to the design each two by three and to navigate the designer because your project can get dearer and be postponed in the time. To have the clear things from the home is the idea.

8. Minimalism. Your webpage of entrepreneurs must be clean, attractive, concise€¦ but you do not sin either of minimalism. In the midpoint it is the virtue and also in the design Web.

9. Budget. You must be conscious that your project entrepreneur Web has a cost and it is always necessary to have an important part destined for him. Obvious at the most money can be applied to the design better Web but it is not possible to be aspired to great things without a moderately decent budget.

10. Tendencies Web. Let advise by your designer Web and its knowledge to you on the tendencies in present design Web with the aim of having a webpage as attractive entrepreneur and to the day.

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