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Published 28-01-2015

Is Any user of Internet preparation to realise the functions of a Community Manager? In truth not: the management of a brand in Internet demands to own a set of abilities, techniques and skills that is necessary to work and that you can acquire by your account

or to accelerate that process realising some program of formation for community managers.

Although there is a set of intrinsic qualities as the empathy and a good dose of creativity and I devise that they help in the development of the functions of the Community Manager, the formation provides knowledge in the design of strategies, management of processes and in the handling of necessary tools 2,0 for the development of the activity.

At present many companies look for a Community Manager with a certain profile, some have committed errors in their search, perhaps for want of knowledge of the same means and as it indicates Jorge Molinera well: definitively, the Community Manager is not a engaged scholarship holder so that it fills up of content the blog to us of the company. 

For this reason, many companies choose to work with design companies Web and marketing online as us, with the purpose of auditing and to manage the community ligature to the company or the brand in the social networks. Positions to choose, these companies that their communities to external companies trust, usually are conscious of the importance of the management of the networks nowadays and prefer to count in experienca of a design company. 

In NonStop-Press we not only make your available to community manager (Manager of social communities) that is in charge of the control and management of your social average, also we offer a basic equipment to you whose aim is the one to establish a personal relation with your social community. 

If still the definition is not clear to you of €œCommunity Manager€ you do not lose the following definitions: 

According to the AERCO:

She is that one person in charge or responsible to maintain, to increase and, in certain form, to defend the relations of the company with his clients in the digital scope, thanks to the knowledge of the needs and the strategic expositions of the organization and the interests of the clients. A person who knows the objectives and to act consequently to obtain them.

David Coghlan, professor in Trinity Collage of Dublin affirms:

It is the art of the efficient management of the communication of another online in the different suitable tools for the type from conversation that we created advisable with our potential clients (or a blog, a community to size, an account in Twitter, a Page of Fans on Facebook€¦). It is the face of the brand.

And your company€¦ Already it makes Social Average? If it is making it your competition€¦ Because you no

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