10 errors that must avoid a Community Manager

Published 28-01-2015

The figure of comunity manager has become essential in the enterprise world and their actions comprise vital of the marketing of the company. Nevertheless, until the great brands they commit errors of nascent that there are to consider. Errors as these€¦


If in a previous entrance we spoke of the essential figure of community manager to you in the company and of which everybody bond for it, and is not that to be cm it is much more that to update states of Facebook. Today we spoke to you of the errors that usually commit these professionals who, by ignorance, error or lack of formation gets to even repeat in the accounts of the great companies.

The formation of community manager is fundamental to know how to manage the social networks of a company and to implement a plan of marketing for them. What errors manager in the company must avoid community? These are some of which they are repeated more.

1. Updates without sense. To be cm is much more that to update the social networks, is necessary to know how to communicate what wants the company, what product has and how to do it. Of an original and creative way, to communicate the message of the company that catches the attention of the end-user. And, mainly, not to frighten the users and who these flee. The numbers are important.

2. Use of hastaghs. The use of these keywords works in the social networks as the words search in Google. Therefore, its use must premeditaded and be studied so much by the cm as by the company. To put common what terms to want to position and to be found thus by other people in these networks.

3. Use of other tools. The cm must know how to use other tools beyond Facebook and Twitter. Hootsuite, Mailchip€¦ is only some of most known. Google Analytics is essential. A good formation and its correct use, are key.

4. Differentiation. To be different itself from the competition is vital in social networks. We cannot only use connections to products. It is necessary to use another type of attractive, informative, peculiar, useful content even related to the thematic one of our company.

5. Not to aggressive marketing. For it, already they are the email campaigns marketing. He is one of the 10 errors that must avoid community manager. An error is to be based the strategy on social networks in connections to products of the company. Aggressive marketing does not work and people end up catching it.

6. To consider the user. An error of community managers of some companies is not to consider the opinion of the users. It is clear that we want that the positive opinions abound but we must allow the refusals, understand his problem and communicate it to the corresponding department, in addition to making a pursuit of the same.

7. Not to abuse external liaisons nor photographies. She is one of the last penalties of Facebook and that has taken to the fret to many social networks of companies. Abusing photographies and connections that are not of the company no longer have, by no means, the reach of before. There is nothing no better as to decide on own connections and connections to the corporative blog.

8. Photographies. The collaboration of the company with community manager must be essential and to contribute photographies of the same, of workers, products, action and events must be vital. Although Facebook tries to put I veto to these practices, fotoetiquetas, I reach and use of hastaghs can help to give a empujoncito them.

9. Contests and promotions. The contests and promotions can be a good alternative to gain followers and notoriety. That yes, whenever it is a novel product or truly reduced. The contests must be very simple and not to search carefully them with other actions that put the difficult things to them to the users, this is another one of the errors of community managers.

10. To stare at to the competition. One is not to copy to him nor to be based on his form to communicate, of there the defense to personalizing it but observing what updates do, what works to them better, what products offer. The cm must be something as well as a €œprofessional spy€.

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