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Published 05-02-2015

Thus it is€¦ The tendency in the design and the development of Webs for this year 2015 is that if, you see in the dilemma or to modernize your Web or directly you need a new one zero€¦ We recommended you that you look for the professional or professionals of the design Web (recommended Connection) that contributes to a solution webapp to you.


We begin to define Webapp

One webapp is not more than a Web of computer that as added value incorporates apt functionalities different from movable versions. Imagine you that you have a restaurant with corporative Web, and imagines you that you want to give them to an added value to your visitors from mobile, facilitating to them to these specific visitors tools of reserve online with a pair of clicks (or to find the street of your restaurant from its application of Google Maps). And this without having to develop a Web in parallel to which already you have! You know the saving that implies?

Thus reader is loved, one webapp is as a package of development that brings the €œwhole including€ because it is developed thinking about that functionality and not as an extension that must be gotten up later. We will always tell you: WEBAPP! WEBAPP! WEBAPP!

And because one webapp? In addition to mentioned-above, the prognoses for the following years in the branch SEO they are that if your Web contributes an optimal experience to the movable visits, it is will be positioned better than those than are not prepared. You imagine to position itself without making SEO?

- How? You are saying to Me that I can be positioned organic without spending neither time nor Euros in the finders?

- NoWe are saying to You that option exists€¦ If you have luck and the experience of your visits in your webapp is wonderful, because it could be€¦ Because no? It remembers that our service SEO is for you€¦

We always thought about giving to solutions webapps to our clients, to less clearly, than they request the opposite to us, in that case already is decision of them.

And you€¦ You trust the format webapp?  Or you think that it is a fashion developed by gurºs of marketing? Your opinion matters to us!

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