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Published 09-02-2015

Every day that begins is an opportunity (If you are not doing it or) to make SEO or in your corporative Web, your store online or in the Web of a friend€¦ You are making SEO?

One of our services is to improve the visibility of our clients in the main finders, and although today we are not going to define what is SEO, yes I will speak about our vision and experience. 

SEO is something of every day. Every day we looked for to connect with other Webs, every day we published excellent articles and interesting within our sector and the one of our clients and every day we analyzed tendencies and we compared data of the previous day€¦ Thus it is, can seem that every day is the same€¦ In essence yes, but it enchants to us! 

€œMadness is to do the same time and time again and to wait for different result€ - Albert Einstein

This is the best thing€¦ We are not doing the same time and time again€¦ We learn every day on something new (or in our sector or the one of our clients) when being permanently documenting us to be most truthful possible to the hour to write our articles.

We make friendly€¦ Communicating with others webmasters to us, that listen to our proposals and they are united to them being part of NonStop-Press when collaborating (actively or passively) with us. 

We become sensitive€¦ Hoping that what we did yesterday is good today, if does not happen looked for thousands and the one reasons and tried to improve€¦ The data are there, if they are not what we hoped€¦ Because it is not giving result? 

The work of a SEO is measurable, in amount of hour workeds for SEO, but in hours rather spent not to appear there, in that result search (SERP from now on) objective. Sometimes it surprises the fast thing that you can be and others there the difficult thing that it can be€¦ It is a challenge accepted by our part. 

And you€¦ Beams SEO? Tell your experience us!

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