Advice to design an accessible Web

Published 11-02-2015

When we designed a Web we must consider, beyond our own tastes and of a spectacular design, the own accessibility of the same. This means that it is a design easy, correct Web and intuitive for the users beyond original, and sometimes, until incomprehensible artifices. These are some advice


It can be that we have seen some design original Web, breaker and innovator who has drawn us attention and we even want it for our own Web. Nevertheless, at the time of reuniting with our designer Web to us we must very consider the type of public who is going to accede to our webpage. And it is that, sometimes, it is worth the pain to sacrifice the design filled with artifices and artistic feats by the design simple Web, ordered and intuitive.

1. To facilitate navigation. Without a doubt, it is necessary to put facilities to him to our user and who this does not lose himself by our page. The design of a Web must be ordered, with pages easily recognized and a easy navigation.

2. Entrance nonvideos. No longer they are a tendency in the design Web and therefore what better than to eliminate them. Another thing is that at heart of the same page a video is seen but in front of him must be the Web, immediately. To put videos as entered a Web can bring about sensation by ricochet.

3. Taken care of with wordpress. It is truth that wordpress has become everything a phenomenon at the time of designing Webs but it is necessary to be professional and to decide on designs Webs that do not pretend a blog. A thing is to sin of a too complicated design and another one to put it so easy that it can get to think that behind him, there is no a serious company.

4. Drop-down. The drop-down ones usually give more than a worry in any design Web. Sometimes, when happening the mouse those unfold that are not due to the proximity among them and can cause that the user lands in other sections before in which wants. It is not necessary to put it so complicated.

5. FAQS. The frequent questions must be present in a good number of Webs, mainly those that imply sale of products or services. If to a design simple Web we add this section to him, we will be putting the still more easy things to him to the user.

6. Revision. Without a doubt, it is necessary to verify that they are fulfilled the accessibility norms. For it the tools can be used, verification points and you rule. This is very important.

7. To use hosting suitable. It is essential at the time of facilitating a fast and simple navigation for the users of our Web. I do not commit these errors at the time of choosing hosting.

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